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Thursday, May 15, 2008

Unexpected Plans

    This is my sister, Amy, and me after our second day of tennis.  We were wiped out and sore!  So much fun, but I think we pushed ourselves a bit too hard...  The ladies at the welcome desk told us we were going to kill ourselves!  They didn't know how much fun we were having, though.:-)  Today we are going to take the day off and ride the ferry to an estuarium (kind of like an aquarium) on Dauphin Island.  Then we will round out the day with some shopping.  Funny how that always helps me feel better...

Later that day....

We headed for the ferry when bad weather hit.  So, off we went to the outlets.  (We found out later that there was a tornado warning by the ferry- right where we were sitting!  Unreal.)  Anyway, picked up a darling little dress at Strasburg for Katie.  How I wish Mandy would still wear those...  It's a beautiful pink slip dress and perfect for pictures on the beach.  I also fell in love with a Coach purse at the Coach outlet and Jeff told me I should get it.  What a sweetheart.  We'll see...  I even tried on a tennis outfit.  So cute, but will look so much better after a couple more hours of the sport.:-)  Roxanne- I will be giving you a call!


mrsmorris said...

Hi Lori Girl!

Your vacation looks amazing! I love all the photos and your writing makes me feel like I am right there with ya'all (I wish). It sounds like your Jeff and my Geoff are very much alike. Sweet, caring men who treat us like queens. We have healthy children who love and respect us - we are truly blessed. How cool that you received mosaic gifts for Mom's Day.

I am a Dooney gal, not a Coach gal. But I say - YOU GO GIRL!!

The Dragovich 5 said...

I am up for it! You will have to give me a few pointers before you cream me {well at least the rules :o}