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Thursday, June 12, 2008

Pentagoet Inn

   Pentagoet Inn.  Classic.  Romantic.  Perfection.  This lovely gem is located in Maine and we are making plans to visit.  Jeff and I will be in Room 1 with it's sitting area located in a turret and beautiful views of the harbor.  The girls will be in Room 6 with a view of the garden.  We will be served baked apple french toast, featherbed eggs, homemade granola, fresh fruit and scones for breakfast on the front porch and enjoy candlelight dinners under the stars.  Alas, we are only dreaming....  We are studying the 50 states and Mandy's assignment was to plan a 6 day trip to Maine.  I think she has a future in this.  She has planned for us to go on a whale watching cruise, biking to lighthouses, antiquing, a visit to a spa, picnics on the beach, etc. and that's just the first two days!  If you get a minute, stop by and take a peek at the Pentagoet Inn (pentagoet.com).  Even the website is dreamy....


michelle said...

Oooooh let's plan a big bloggy party and all go it sounds so fun!

The Dragovich 5 said...

Can I come? I would be happy to share a room with the girls :0}

Bethany said...

How incredibly cute is that little place?! I mean, really now?!! I dream of visiting Maine one day...I may have to remember that and look that up!!

Let me know if she finds anywhere that dreamy in Arizona!! HA HA! I would love to see it!!

tyketto said...

I love Maine! While you are there visit some of the rocky beaches. You can go tidepooling. You'll find lobsters (don't pick them up - not matter how small they are), crabs (you can pick small ones up), urchins, snails, etc. So much fun! And, if decide to drive down to Portland you can take Casco Bay Lines out to some islands. Also, while on the rocky coast, keep you eye out for sea glass! You can take all your finds (shells, rocks, sea glass) and decorate a cheap wooden frame with them, put a picture from the trip inside and voila! instant memory and art / craft project.

Michelle said...

I was seriously mentally packing my bags!

Get this. Thursday I am heading on a trip to CanCun w/ 18 other girls..!

I might be blogging from a Mexican jail!