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Friday, October 23, 2009


is how I feel right now! I just finished making this "Trash" mix...

and I am hoping to make some pumpkins like this... (from Better Homes and Gardens)

and this... (BH & G)
and Katie is going to wear this... (Made by Kiki's Things on etsy)

and craft with these feathers and sequins (darling bucket made for me by my friend, Yvonne!) at our Halloween party this weekend!
How I WISH that you could all be there!!!!!

You know, in a way, you will be...

As I started decorating I realized that I have so many lovely things that have come from my blogging friends and it was like you WERE there with me already.:) This amazing button pumpkin was made for me by my sweet Sister, Robin! Is it me or what?? I LOVE it! Thanks Robin!

This darling little pumpkin container is from my Fall Swap partner, Chandra! LOVE it, Chandra!
Chandra also made me this sweet ornament and it is hanging from my chandelier...

Look at what is on the dining room table! Oh my... I have some work to do...

This whimsical sign is from my dear friend, Val! Thanks Val! It is so fun!

This gorgeous wreath is from my sweet friend, Joy! Isn't is amazing??! LOVE it!

This welcoming sign is from my precious friend, Heather! Heather I hope that you all feel better soon! I WISH you would hop on a plane and surprise me!;)

The fun little "BOO" banner is from my dear friend, Jill! It is so sparkly and festive and makes me smile!:)

This glowing pumpkin is another treasure from my bloggy sister, Robin! I just love twinkle lights and pumpkins- two of my favorite things! (Make that 3 of my favorite things- Robin, twinkle lights and pumpkins!)

This swag and "ball of YUM" were made by the lovely friend, Joy! She has such a way with fabrics and colors!

So, you see, you WILL be there at my party. Miles cannot keep us apart. Your love and friendship are with me wherever I go. Things I hear and see remind me of one or more of you day in and day out. I love you all...


Kim's Treasures said...

I LOVE all your treasures you received from blogging friends!!! Very wonderful!!!

Have a great time at your party!!! Take lots of pics!!!


Fran. said...

Isn't it amazing the talent and love we receive from blogland? I just love the witch legs you have hanging from your chandelier!! everything is very cute though and fun!! Thanks so much for stopping by my blog and the compliments on my handmade items from the craft show I did!! Still making more for Nov.7th busy but loving it!! Have fun this weekend!! XO Fran.

Jen said...

Oh my! You DO have a lot of beautiful harvest treasures. I can't decide which one is my favorite!

Lindsay-ann said...

Hi Lori
I love your super halloween decorations that your friends sent you. They are all gorgeous especially the button pumpkin. You are going to have the best halloween party ever. I am sure Katie will look adorable in her cute outfit. I hope it goes well and wish I was there.

Jen~ Lipstick and Laundry said...

WoW Lori, you do have a lot of FUN stuff going on!

NicNacManiac said...

WOW...that's some blog love you've got there!! Tons of Halloween goodies, love how you've decorated your chandelier!! Have fun!! xOxO

Robin Beck said...

Oh how I wish I could be there for your wonderful party! I know you will take tons of photos though!

Your place looks wonderful Lori-I read your post today to my mom over the phone she inserted the "ooooh" in all the right places!

Have fun sweetie!

I love you 2~♥

Connie said...

I love your chandelier! It makes me smile. Good luck getting everything done! Hope you have fun at the party!
Another week and Halloween will all be over! My how time flies!

Susan said...

Everything looks wonderful! I love the chandelier.

Allyson said...

Lori - Where are the apothecary jars??? Will have to check out some older posts to see if you put them out this year.

I wanted to let you know that Charlie has arrived (5 weeks early)and is doing great now. I can't even beging to tell you how much your sweet words and prayers meant to me last year. Thanks for the encouragement! You are so precious!


P.S. Jill lives nearby and although I've never met her in person, we have several friends in common and she is SOOOO talented and creative...and I hear she is just the sweetest thing around! But I'm guessing you already knew that, huh? I LOVE the scarf and bag tags she made.

Tristan said...

Looks like sooo much fun!!

CUTE stuff!!!

Wendy said...

W-O-W Your home is so fun and decked out!!! Everything looks amazing. I must say, the button pumpkin really jumped out to me. That is going on my Must-Do Craft List!

Jill said...

What a sweet post!!!! and how I wish I could have been there in person!!! Looks like a GREAT time!!!

Elise said...

I love all your goodies!! LOVE them!!

Yarni Gras! said...

I love all your decorations! That boo banner is the best...but then, so it the little lighted pumpkin...and so it the wreath and so it the......well, I guess ALL of them are the best!