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Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Adventures with Toot

Are you familiar with the Toot and Puddle series by Holly
Sweet adventures of two little piggies.
Toot loves to travel and Puddle likes to stay close to
I am Puddle and my sister, Amy, is Toot.:)
Toot just recently went on an adventure to France and
I am so excited to share some of her pictures with you!

Makes me want to hop on a plane.

Dreamy soap...

Love this yellow!

My Dad, the bull fighter...

My sister, Toot! What a cutie...

Figs in all their glory...

I love how she has her legs in this picture.
Resting by the Rhone River.

Don't you feel like you are there with her?

She is considering creating notecards with her pictures.
I. Can't. Wait.

A peek into a French Kitchen.
No words.

Thanks for sharing, Toot.
Love, Puddle:)


sara said...

What GORGEOUS pictures! Yes! It totally reminds me of Toot and Puddle!!! How fun.

April said...

Simply breathtaking...I don't know what more to say! She really should make pictures into notecards. I can't pick a favorite...I love them ALL!

val said...

breath taking! I'm so glad you shared them with us :-)

Sherri said...

Lori, what glorious pictures and I think your sister should create notecards from them!! They were gorgeous!! Thanks for sharing your sister's trip with us!!

Robin Beck said...

Yes, Toots should make notecards!
She is an amazing photographer!
It was like being there Puddles, thanks for sharing~

P.S. I actually have some of that soap.

Jen~ Lipstick and Laundry said...

I love watching Toot and Puddle and now thanks to your post I am humming the theme song... hahaha Love the pics!

amy @ Life in Pink Hi-Tops said...

Wonderful pictures!! What an awesome adventure Toot is having.

joyfullness said...

To a fellow Puddle...what a way to be a Toot!! Those pictures were great!! I've thought of making some notecards for our family for Christmas gifts...just some daily goings on of the boys..Toot should definitely do the same!!
ps..LOVE the necklace in the last post!!
hope you are well

Lori said...

Oh I love every single picture!

Tristan said...

omg! i watch that cartoon every day with T-A..hahaha!

I hope she is brave enough to travel..I'm a big scaredy cat!!


Jill said...

I wanta be there!

theUngourmet said...

These photos are gorgeous. Note cards would be wonderful!

Lindsay-ann said...

Your sister's pictures are stunning. She has definately captured the atmosphere there and through them it does really feel like I am there with her sitting by the Rhone. I love the old buildings with the shutters and the colors she has captured are so beautiful. She MUST make some notecards, these images would be perfect.

Unknown said...

I love Toot and Puddle...and your sister's pictures...and France!!

Thanks for sharing!


jennykate77 said...

I love that show. I'm a Puddle too...but I wish I were a Toot.

I LOVE these pics. They are absolutely fabulous. They would make wonderful notecards...I would buy them all! :)

Christy @ MCH PHOTOGRAPHY said...

Lovely pics, and I love your blog and your shop too!! I love downtown Annapolis I am about 45min away.
Thanks for your nice comment on my blog.

ALG said...

Lor, you are too dear. Thank you for your kind words. (And thank you, Lori's friends, for your gracious compliments! I'm tickled.) Love and miss you, Amy

Connie said...

What beautiful pictures! I don't know which one I'd be, Toot or Puddle. Some days I just want to stay home, other, I'm ready to go!