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Sunday, April 24, 2011

Love in a Time of Homeschooling

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April Showers may bring May flowers but it feels like it is bringing a flood here instead.
So we spent the weekend inside listening to the thunder and rain.
Snuggled under blankets we read books.
I just started this with my girls.
It is sweet-even for a 13 year old.:)

I am reading this.
One woman's adventure homeschooling her daughter for one year.
Funny and informative.
Her daughter has so much in common with my oldest!
I am taking notes and plan to implement many of her ideas into my teaching.
Very real and entertaining!

Step away from the Easter basket.
Yes, you.
Peanut butter eggs should be against the law.
Don't get me started on Cadbury eggs.
I am avoiding Wal Mart until all the clearance Easter candy is gone.

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M.L. @ The House of Whimsy said...

Both books look like they would be time well spent.
I hope you had a wonderful Easter.

Tristan said...

Those books look cool!

um..ugh..i ate 2 eggs..eeek.

Yarni Gras! said...

books.....the perfect activity for a rainy day.......

April said...

Cadbury Eggs are definitely my weakness! Hope your rain has moved out by now...we're supposed to get some in the next few days. HAPPY READING! Enjoy your day, Lori!

Lindsay-ann said...

The TumTum and Nutmeg book looks great. It looks like one of those lovely old fashioned stories that are fun for any age. Glad the homeschool book is giving you some new ideas. I am enjoying The Hunger Games although I keep dreaming about it which is not good! We have eaten too much chocolate today! Don't want anymore for a long time. Hope the storms are over now. Thinking of you all.

Ben and Melanie said...

Hi There you are a auction winner :)...Please email me at mel_cordell@hotmail.com

Sherri said...

Sorry about all the rain you are having! Glad you are getting some reading time in with the girls. Enjoy!