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Sunday, April 3, 2011

Wind Advisory

Just signed up for weather advisories via text.
A little head's up for if a tornado is heading down our street.
We want to have plenty of time to(worry)PLAN!
It's 1 AM and we have gotten 4 texts so far in the past hour.

The wind has been blowing like the wolf in 3 Little Pigs all day.
Glad they just texted me that there is a Wind Advisory.

My poor husband may never fall asleep.


Tina said...

We've had some pretty strong winds all day and they are even worse tonight here in Arkansas. I had to hold on to my car door when I opened it..the wind was so strong!

Sheri said...

We had a horrible day on Thursday. 8 tornados were reported. We have had some major hurricanes here in past years and this day ranked right up there with them. Scary. That is a great thing to have via text. By the way, I love your new pics on your header. Have a blessed day and stay safe.

michelle edwards joy said...

The wind has blown all night here. I was sure we would wake up in NW AR.

Jill said...

I think I need to sign-up too! great idea!-especially for those of us so far out in the country! :)
looks like you sent your wind to us!-and a lot of VERY dark clouds...hmmm, might ought to go sign-up now! :)
Happy Monday sweet friend!

Sherri said...

Lori, take care! I saw where the wind in Kansas was absolutely horrendous! It is windy here today but the air is warm.

Allyson said...

Your post made me laugh. I just had the same thing happen here. It got really, really bad here at about 11:45am. I was out in front of Walgreen's waiting on them to finish up a prescription when the really scary part moved through. Tornado sirens, strong winds and an insane downpour. I finally made it home about 20 minutes later, and almost 45 minutes after it started I got an update on my cell from a local news station saying "strong winds, tornado warning issued." By that point the worst of it had passed by us...and was probably headed in Jill's area. So much for reliable updates!

Hope y'all got some sleep!