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Thursday, April 28, 2011

The Nature Connection

The sun graced us with all it's glory today.
It was the perfect day to start our nature study with The Nature Connection.

As we listened, drew pictures and wrote the sun warmed our backs and the breeze ruffled our hair.  Katie asked me if we could do this every day because "she loved it".  Words every home schooling Mom wants to hear!

Mandy chose writing as her way of observing.  There is no wrong way.  Then she got out her camera and took pictures of the mushrooms that had set up shop in our backyard by way of the recent torrential rains.  

We learned the calls of the Redwing Blackbird and the Cardinal.  Broken eggs were sited (new baby birds! Killdeer?) but a robin's nest was also destroyed during the rain storms and 5 baby birds will not be learning to fly this year.

The Nature Connection is wonderful in that it guides your study of the outdoors but it lets you make it your own.  Each day is a new adventure!

The girls challenged each other at the end of the day to see who could remember the most observations. Nothing like a good friendly challenge to motivate!

I even made my own observations. I truly did not want to go inside.   I am hoping to incorporate this into our daily school work.  The fresh air and peace of the outdoors is just what frazzled Moms and cranky kids need.  Actually, we could all benefit from it.

I recommend buying a copy of this book for you and your child(ren).  Summer would be the perfect time to start a nature study whether you home school or not.  I purchased one copy on ebay and one on amazon.  I believe it is around $10.  It's a lovely way to spend time together.


Sarah at SmallWorld said...

That looks wonderful!! Great review!

Elise said...

This looks so cool, Lori!! I need to get one, or so, for my little peeps. Thanks for the suggestion!!

michelle edwards joy said...

My kind of study. Thanks Lori!

val said...

sounds like a wonderful day...and a terrific lesson!

Lindsay-ann said...

Glad to hear how much you all enjoyed this activity. The pictures are lovely and Mandy's writing too proves how much fun this was. You must do it again soon.

Angel said...

This looks really cool, I may have to get one!