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Friday, April 29, 2011

Professor Noggin, Weight Watchers and the Royal Wedding

I'm sitting here with my tongue rubbing the inside of my mouth.
Stupid pizza.

I had my first french pedicure today.
Not worthy of a photo shoot but I do feel a bit prettier.
After the torture I went through I'd better.
Why do some pedicurists (Is that a word?) insist on performing what feels like surgical procedures?
I was afraid to look at my feet so I just kept flipping the pages of my magazine.
I have been known to pass out at the salon.
But not today!

I cried.
Did you?

Due back at the library in 4 days.  I have waited so long to get it.  Is it worth my time?  

We had our first experience with Professor Noggin's games last night.  Very educational and so FUN!  Easy/Hard questions on cards that feature a work of art.  I knew more than I thought and yet I was in last place!  There are other games in this series and I plan on ordering more.  Great for home schooling and keeping your kids "sharp" during the summer months.:)

Still speed walking 3 miles every day.
I am weakening on my diet, though.
I think I may have to resort to Weight Watchers.
Anyone had success doing it on-line?


Heidi said...

HI Lori, I'm with you!.....About ready to sign up for WW again as well!....I have a few great days & then something happens that I fall off the wagon!....I may try it on-line!.....Enjoy your weekend!...Love, Heidi XO

Lindsay-ann said...

Wish I could join you for the speed walking Lori. You are doing so well. The Professor Noggin games sound fun.

Lori said...

You are so good about blogging and I'm not (although I have updated my blog - have you noticed?)

Yes I got emotional as I watched the Royal Wedding. Makes you wish you were the lucky bride, doesn't it???

val said...

I'm back to Callanetics and walking. I'm bad...didn't watch the wedding!