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Wednesday, April 27, 2011

The Voice, Les Mis and Blue Jean Dreams...

Loved watching this the other night.
Did you watch it?
Loved the big boy with the BIG voice who lost his Mom a few months ago.
Lots of talent there and no one is excluded by their looks.
Heather- I will call you to discuss!

We are all going to see this next month.  I am SO excited!  Yes, my girls are young but they will be transcended by the music and the story.  Ear plugs will come out during Master of the House- lol!

The Evangeline Necklace.
Going in my shop later today.
I may keep it, though.
I love the chiffon, pearls and sparkle.

Blue Jean Dreams Necklace.
In the shop.
I can just see this with your favorite jeans.
Perfect, without even having to try.:)

The storms have stopped but so much devastation has been left in it's wake.  Please be praying for all the people who have lost loved ones and their homes.  Be so thankful for all your blessings...


Fran. said...

OH LORI!! I have been praying for everyone! I have noticed that most of our blog friends haven't been on here as much!! Been sending angels to protect everyone.
Your jewerly has gotten more beautiful!! And you should keep that pink one!! Wear it and take orders!!! I like the the one for jeans too. I love wearing pretty jewerly. Take care, XO Love, Fran.

April said...

I've seen "Les Miserables"...all I can say is FANTASTIC! Your girls will love it! Yes...I'm enjoying "The Voice" and the whole concept behind it. Lots of great talent out there! Your newest creations are so pretty, Lori! I feel just as you do about those storms and what was left behind. Just breaks my heart. Yes...prayers are much needed for all!

Sherri said...

Hi Lori!! John and I saw Les Miserables on Broadway just before it closed and what a treat!! Yes, you will need earplugs for the girls for Master of the House-LOL!! They should thoroughly enjoy it though.

I have been praying for all the people in the devastated areas. It is so heartbreaking.

Love your jewelry!!