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Thursday, April 21, 2011

Ticks at 2 AM

My English sister, Lindsay.
What a wonderful week we spent together! Profiteroles, garage sales, chatting, tea, Target, Joann's, alligators, Slurpees, Bandaids, Esmerelda the bulldog, Mimi's and the strange waiter, Borders, and more.
Lindsay is a *love*- pure and simple.
I fell apart at the airport when we had to go.
We miss her and her sweet family.
We need to jump across the pond- soon!

2 AM.
Tick Time.
Pulling with tweezers did not work. That sucker was IN there! Liquid soap *does not* smother (like the internet told me) them but a hot match kills them. Too bad they don't pull their head out before they go to tick heaven! sigh. (I finally got it out by pulling with tweezers, but what an ordeal!)

On my toes.
Cajun Shrimp.
A new favorite.
Newman's Light Balsamic Vinaigrette.
Yum in a bottle.
Try it on your next salad.
You'll be glad you did.

Crazy weather all day.
Hail, thunder and lightening.
Great day for watching Fried Green Tomatoes.
Kathy Bates and Jessica Tandy were amazing in the movie.
Kindred spirits- both of them.
Wonder how they would handle a tick at 2 AM?


Tristan said...


ick..to the tick!!

Robin Beck said...

What a great picture of ALL of you! Love it! So sad you couldn't spend more time together, there will be other holidays!

I used to live out in the country and we had our share of ticks. I just pulled them straight out with tweezers.

I LOOOOVE Fried Green Tomatoes-One of my favorite movies for sure!~TOWANDA!!!!!!

Heidi said...

You were at Disney with LINDSAY?! I follow her blog too! What a small world. I hope you'll start participating in Destination Disney.

We LOVE Ice Station Cool (where you can sample the sodas from around the world). Last time, we had a bad experience though - I had tried Italy - which is nasty! Right at the moment I got it in my mouth, my daughter announced her need for the bathroom! Ugh! So, off I ran, bad taste and all!

Lindsay-ann said...

Yes you all need to 'jump' across the pond very soon. If only 'jumping' was that easy! I really miss you and want you here right now. I loved every minute we spent togther. The strange waiter was a hi-light for Jessica! Tim has never stopped talking about the swamp. I just enjoyed being with you and Garage Saleing was such fun. We have so many wonderful memories and amazing pictures to help us remember. I love you so much it hurts :)
So glad you had Mandy to help with the tick. I would have freaked. They look nasty little things. yuck - poor Ruby.

April said...

Finally, a picture...it's a real keeper, too! I can only imagine how hard it was for you two to say 'goodbye'...TRUE friends are hard to find! Thank goodness for all the memories you made, though! Oooh...don't get me started on ticks...BLECH! I would've yanked them out with tweezers!

Hope you and your family have a BLESSED Easter!

michelle edwards joy said...

Peppermint oil kills the tick and they let go immediately. One drop will do ya!