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Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Making the Best of Things

We spent the night in a strange basement.
Mandy's face says it all.

     The weather was bad.  More than bad- It was
 really, really bad.
 I begged the Lord to not let this basement
 be our tomb.
 I know that sounds extremely grim, but it's 
 the truth.

   My family could not believe I had brought my
 My camera is like my third eye.  It goes where
 I go.

    It was a last minute decision so we grabbed
  what we could and hit the road.
  Nancy Drew was an idea to pass the time but 
  in the end we did not need her.

   God made this night a party for my girls.
  There were friends to be made and bubbles to
  be blown.
  The new friends were even home schooled.
  God thinks of everything.

    Sweet Ruby tagged along as we knew the cat
 could take care of himself.
 I'm sure he was thrilled to have the evening 
 to do as he pleased.  To walk on the kitchen
 counters or do whatever he does when we are
 not there.

   There I sat with my cell phone, no make-up
 on and a serious craving for a Coke Icee.
 Only a few adults were brave enough to 
 approach me. (I looked bad, ladies.)
 The kids were not afraid, though.
 At least 12 kids came over to pet Ruby.
 She was such a sweet distraction.
 Love my little Ru.

   I thanked God over and over for keeping us
 I thanked my friends for being there for me on
 facebook and through texts.
 It was a strange but wonderful night and one
 that I did not foresee.

   I am so glad that God is the driver in my 
  He blessed me with the most wonderful husband
  who does the worrying for me.  His hugs can 
  cure anything.:) 
  He blessed me with children that can adapt 
  and make the best of things- even when it's 
  He blessed me with amazing, caring parents
  that are there whenever I need them.
  He blessed me with you, dear friends, that 
  listen to my drippy posts and still love me.
  (Love you, too.)

   I don't think the cat moved the whole time 
  we were gone.
  My girls want to go back to the basement.
  They had fun.
  Thank you, dear God.


michelle edwards joy said...

My beautiful friend Lori. I would doubt you could ever look that bad!

Lindsay-ann said...

Hi Lori
I am so thankful that you are all safe and that your time in the basement was not too bad. Glad the girls had fun and Ruby too. I bet you felt like you were in District 13 down there!
Thanks for posting the pictures and telling all about it.
Continuing to pray for you all through these stormy times there.
Love you all

Tristan said...

I prayed for your safety for sure..so glad you are all ok!!!

I was huddled in the bath tub last night along with a diaper bag packed with t-a's baby journal,my camera,t-a..of course,flashlight,cell adn fire pager..lol.
it was a mess.

Sherri said...

Lori, I am so glad that all of you are safe!

Polka Dot Moon said...

So glad you are safe!!

{I love that you brought your camera!}

val said...

oh how scary but I'm glad you ended up having fun and being safe.

amy @ Life in Pink Hi-Tops said...

I'm so glad that you are all safe and sound...and had a place to stay! The storms have been very scary!