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Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Summer Camp at Home

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The weather here has been insane.
It sounds like a war is going on around us.
Summer needs to get here-soon.

I am looking forward to camping.
In the backyard.
Maybe even... in the woods.
I know, I am shocking myself!

   I want to make crafts.
 I have one that loves, and one that doesn't.
 Everyone loves pet rocks, though.

   I wish I had 2 extra hours every day just
   for this purpose.
   Treasure Island is going to happen this 
   It's featured in the book "Read It and Eat"
   We shall do just that with the recipes 

   The girls want to run a Snow Cone stand this 
 My idea.:)
 Snow Cones rock.

   Another wonderful book.
 If you have not read it, you must.
 Precious stories about a family with 5 little
 It takes place 100 years ago.
 The first story is about a lost library book.
 100 years ago that was a tragedy!

    I am reading this right now.
   Love. It.
   They are making into a movie, as they
   Modern day romance with lots of giggles.
   The lady can cook, write, and make people
   She's cute.
   She also home schools her children.

   I want to hate her but I'd rather be her

        I want to read all the books featured in 
  this book.
   Great books and the recipes are a bonus.
   Wish you all lived closer and we could start
   a book club.
   You don't mind driving a couple hours to my
   house do you?
   I'll let you pet my pug...

     I also want to start a summer camp of sorts... at home.  A craft, some games, a snack, shaving cream "fights", a movie, etc.  I love these ideas.   I would host one day and then pass my kids on to another friend's house the next week.  This way each Mom could have a few free days to themselves.

    Let me know if you are in.:)


Sheri said...

When does camp start? I'm packing my bags:)

Lindsay-ann said...

Hi Lori
Your Summer Camp sounds a wonderful idea. I hope some other Mom's join in and it will work perfectly. Just wish we were nearer and could take part :(
I enjoyed hearing about what you are reading right now. They all sound great books.
Love the pet rocks. We made some pet logs once, similar idea.
Did I imagine it or did you say
'I am looking forward to camping.
In the backyard. Maybe even... in the woods'
Are you ok?

Sherri said...

Lori, I so wish we lived closer to each other and some day we will meet I am sure of this! You always have such fun!! ENJOY your summer (when it arrives). Have a great day my friend!!

michelle edwards joy said...

Oh Lori I would so be in!! Sounds like a great time. Thanks for the book suggestions. I have been needing a good read.

M.L. @ The House of Whimsy said...

Hi Lori,
Thank you for ordering my little yellow bird. I'll have her fly to your home asap!
Thanks again.
Mary Lou

amy @ Life in Pink Hi-Tops said...

Summer camp sounds wonderful. I wish I had a few more hours to be able to read. I was thinking about camping in the backyard last weekend....but then I came to my senses!!

April said...

Lori...you come of with some of the best ideas I've ever heard of! The memories you're making with your girls are PRICELESS! Sure hope your weather has settled down some...I hear that AR. has been hit pretty hard. Wouldn't a book club be tons of fun? I'd be so IN!

Angel said...

Oh I'm in for summer camp and book club!! Where do I sign up :)

val said...

your ideas all sound like fun. Did you see the throw down between Bobby Flay and The Pioneer Lady? AWESOME!

Peggy said...

Why oh why can't we be in the same homeschool group??? Love this!!