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Thursday, February 27, 2014

the lonely trip down the hall

Surgery.  Not an event people look forward to.  It's just so darn scary.  Almost debilitating.  My sweetie had to make that trip down the hall yesterday.  The one that makes you feel so very alone.  You're in the spotlight when all you want to do is crawl under a rock and hide.  So thankful that God was there with him and that he was in capable and caring hands.

For me, the night before was even worse than the actual day of surgery.  I felt so frightened and vulnerable but God was there for me.  He's always there in the most beautiful way.  The quiet of night is when He shines brightest.  Papa God never fails to pick me up and place me in the palm of His hand.

He's awesome like that.

(my parents sent this gorgeous basket full of everything wonderful!)

Katie woke up at the crack of dawn so she could sit with me in the waiting room.  We ate pistachios and played Science trivia together.  My dear friend, Debbie, later came to the hospital and picked Katie up so our girls could spend the day together.  I can't tell you how much I appreciated this.  Katie would've been fine staying with me but instead she was whisked away to a day of creating treats, going out to lunch, ballet class and even bible study with one of her dearest friends.  

What a blessing.

Debbie, my fairy godmother friend, sent Katie home with peanut butter cookies, too.  
This made our whole family smile!  

A delightful package of fun arrived yesterday, too.  Created just for my husband.  Inside were a few of his favorite magazines, puzzle books, crazy glasses, a huge bad of candy, and a glittery, blinged out bell.

It was absolutely perfect!

As you can see, the glasses are being put to good use.  When my husband isn't grooving out with his percocet he does get to enjoy the treats.  Don't worry.:)

For the millionth time, I wondered how the pioneers did it.  No ER, no fast food restaurants, no Starbucks, no indoor plumbing, no pharmacies, and no phones?  Wow.  I would've been one cranky pioneer.

All kidding aside, the beautiful truth is that God has always been here.  His love (along with dear friends) is what got the pioneers through the tough times. And he's here to walk us through the fire today, too.:)


Robin Beck said...
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Deborah Montgomery said...

Lori, so thankful your husband is through his surgery and is back home. And how wonderful to have good friends in hard times. Love the glasses on your daughter. And you'll laugh, but I thought those were bottles of nail polish in the second picture! At first, I thought, wow, look at all that pink polish! Thankful for God's care over you.

Rho said...

You guys look like you all been having fun during the whole after (or during) surgery. I'm sure you'll feel better soon Lori! Peanut Butter cookies sound really good right now and I am craving a lot of sweets but I'm on a diet and I'm currently sick because other people in my family had gotten me sick. That isn't the only thing, it's been raining! I really don't like the rain because it ruins the mood and makes you feel even more sick than you already are. Anyway, I hope you all enjoy a nice weekend!

M.K. said...

I hope all is well, Lori, and that your sweetie is fine. You have such good, loving friends who minister to you on hard days. It's good to turn to our God when we're afraid. That's when we learn to trust, and trust learned that way sticks to the ribs, as they say :)

Sheri said...

Hope everything is okay! God is good and friends are a true blessing. xoxoxox

Mary Ann Potter said...

Another lovely thing is that the Lord uses His precious people to help take care of us! What beautiful blessings! Like I often say, "All this and heaven, too!"

mysteryhistorymom said...

Deborah- You were right! Those are bottles of nail polish BUT they are edible! They're made from marshmallows (glittered) and tootsie rolls! They are darling, don't you think? Lori

mysteryhistorymom said...

Rhoda- Hope you feel better soon, sweetie! Lori

Rho said...

I hope I feel better soon too

amy @ Life in Pink Hi-Tops said...

Glad all went well. God is good -- all the time. May His showers of blessing continue to fall on your sweet family.
Love the blinged out bell. I may have to get me one!

Tristan said...

Oh goodness, I had no idea..I will keep him in my prayers..so glad he made it through!! God is good!!!