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Monday, August 22, 2011

Are You Ready for This?

Are you ready for this?
God did not give us our children to make us look good.


               Am I the only one who thought that was part of the deal?

            I was floored when I read this in How to Have a H.E.A.R.T.  
         for your Kids.
                                 It was quite a wake up call.

               God entrusted us with our children so that we could raise 
         them to become godly adults.

            Making their parents look good is a nice perk, but certainly 
        not part of His plan.

                                  Have fun with your children.
                       Love them.
                       See them for how amazing they are, not in how 
                      they make you look.

                  I always dreamed of a cheerleading daughter.  An honor 
             roll cutie.  Just think of the reflection on me!  The 
            wonderful Mom who does everything right!

                                 Neither my husband or I ever mastered the
                      cartwheel and...
                      There is no honor roll in home school.
           Yes, we all want to be "the best".  Winners.  First Place.

         But God is teaching me that there is SO much more to life 
           than being #1!

My daughters are both amazing in ways I never could have dreamed!
God knows best!

My oldest sees the best in everyone.
She forgives without hesitation.
She has such absolute grace.
I learn patience from her.

My youngest is Miss Organization and helps me daily with my To Do list.
She is the first to notice if I am having a bad day.
Then generously offers me a "spa.":)
I learn kindness from her.

                                         Thank God for your blessings.
                            Then go give them a hug.:)


Tristan said...

your girls are amazing..and i think that they are alot like you..sounds like you described yourself a few times :)

i recently had someone ask me what i did for a living..i told them i am a stay at home mom...they then went on to tell me that if it doesn't pay it isn't a job!
What they dont know is that i get paid everyday that my baby girl is more loving towards her baby dolls and says please and thank you at 19 months old.
If they only knew how richly i am blessed to be able to stay home.

and then they had the nerve to ask me"so it would be fine if you invested all the time staying home with her to grow up and be a stay at home mom instead of have a career?"...and that is when i may have given him the most evil of evil eyes and told him..she can be whatever she wants to be.

Anonymous said...

This is good stuff,girlie!!

Your kiddos are adorable and definitely a reflection of YOU!!

Love your beautiful soul and spirit. Have a FAB day.

Lindsay-ann said...

Hi Lori
You are so right, both your girls are really amazing, just like you :) I feel priviledged to have met them and enjoyed spending time together. I remember how Mandy looked after Tim in the swamp and so kindly gave me her glow in the dark bracelet to help me through the Haunted Mansion :0 I also loved how Katie let me 'do' her hair and how she taught to shoot in the Buzz ride :) You must be so very proud of them. I am honored to call them my nieces :) I am so thankful for my Jessica also. As you know she is not home schooled but I feel blessed everyday to have her as my daughter and best friend.

val said...

haha....my mom was the mom who always said "what will the neighbors think" and "you'd better not make me
look bad!" Thanks to that, I'm the opposite! This post is a perfect reminder that none of us are perfect and that we need to be loved just the way we are!

MamaTina said...

Definitely a reminder that I am in need of!

Fran. said...

Oh Lori what a great post!! And a gentle reminder of how God did give them to us!! I learn alot from my girls and my son too. Isn't it amazing how their gifts can catch us at a moment when we need it? Thanks for sharing!! XO Fran.