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Thursday, August 18, 2011

P.E. Home School Style

Crew Blog Hop


                                                           Gym shorts.
                                    Smelly locker rooms.

                                              You HAD to take them.  
                              "Community style".
                               So the story went.
                               Somehow I escaped them.
                               I'm a "delicate" sweater.:)
              (Either that or I worked hard to not work too hard.)

                                                   I loved playing field hockey.
                                   And soccer.

                       Big, blue mats with uneven/parallel bars gave me
               A gymnastic routine?  For a GRADE?
               How about square dancing.
               Sweaty palms.
               (It was one way to hold hands with the cute boys!)

            Thank goodness my girls love our home school P.E. class.
         They are taught by an incredible group of Christians who 
        strive to make every child feel accomplished.

                                I find myself wanting to get up and play!
                     Capture the Flag, Sharks and Minnows,
                     basketball, tennis, and more.

                        For an hour I can read, clip coupons, take pictures 
                or just watch.
                 It's almost as good as a massage.

                                 No gymnastics.
                       No smelly gym clothes.

                                   No grades.

                                    There are lots of smiles.

                               And, oh yeah, no showers.
            Until we get home and the girls can take them alone.:)

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amy @ Life in Pink Hi-Tops said...

That's MY kind of PE! So much fun!

M.L. @ The House of Whimsy said...

Sooooo fun!!! Your photographs were just beautiful too! : )

Lindsay-ann said...

Hi Lori
The PE lessons look great fun and the best part is 'no communal showers'love it! I hated that at school too but most of us wrapped ourselves in a large towel, went into the showers, kept the towel on and just splashed some water on our faces and came out again! Those parachute games are great. Loved seeing the pictures but would prefer to be clipping coupons with you :)

Tristan said...

loooove it.

val said...

I agree with Amy...this type of PE has me written all over t!

The worst part of PE (after not being picked) was having to shower and/or change in front of others. I used to try to cram myself in my locker!

Polka Dot Moon said...

This made me giggle and cringe! I have the same memories of gym class ;)

Jennifer said...

That looks like something fun from church camp. PE home school style is so much better than my PE memories, too.

TIFFANY said...

Wish we had a group like that here! Looks like a great time. Stopping by/following from the TOS hop.

Catherine said...

homeschool PE is sooo much better!! :)
It looks like a fun day!
Thanks for linking up with the TOS crew hop.