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Saturday, August 27, 2011

Nancy Drew Shadow Boxes

I have loved revisiting Nancy Drew.
Sharing her with these precious young ladies has been an absolute joy!

                                 On our last class we created shadow boxes.
             Pictures and objects were chosen to help them remember 
            The Mystery of the Brass Bound Trunk, The Mystery of
            the Moss Covered Mansion and The Quest of the Missing

                              It was so fun to see what they came up with!
             One sweetie brought sand and seashells as there was an 
             island with buried treasure.

                 This young lady brought small animal figures from when
           her big sister was a baby!
           There were wild animals in the Moss Covered Mansion...

                               Please excuse the mountain of fabric in the 
                    Just waiting for a minute to create something fun.:)

                       My cutie used sparkly gems (found in Brass Bound 
               Trunk and Missing Map) and a lock (Brass Bound 

                     Sheet music was from Missing Map, too!  I also love 
               the charms she brought for her shadow box...

           This little lady read the mysteries more times than I did!  It 
        was a real challenge to stump her on our trivia challenges.:)

                         I am going to continue to re-read the mysteries.

I hope the other detectives do, too.
I will miss them...
but I am sure we will be solving mysteries together again soon.


Tristan said...

wow!! you spend so much time on thinking things out for all your classes,so awesome!
Love all of their boxes,how precious!!
You are making such great memories for them!!!

Lindsay-ann said...

Hi Lori
All the shadowboxes look fantastic. They all did great. Your Nancy Drew classes have been such fun to see but even more fun to attend I am sure :)

Serendipity said...

Love the shadow box idea!
Such fun classes!

val said...

what a neat idea! They all look wonderful too :-)

Julie said...

I only wish Bailey was old enough! Too cute!

Fran. said...

Oh Lori these guys are so cute!! So good to see young girls still enjoying Nancy Drew!! I am so like you I am going to read them over and over!!! I have loved following your classes with the girls!! Gotta love it!! And you for doing it!!!! XO Fran.