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Thursday, November 17, 2011

Time Timer- TOS review

I was recently given the opportunity to review Time Timer.  It is a wonderful invention that's designed "to make every moment count".  Through the use of color, Time Timer shows the passing of time and how much time is left.  The picture below illustrates what I'm talking about.  As time passes, the color portion of the timer gets smaller.  It's perfect for all ages as you don't need to be able to tell time to use it!

   I was really excited to try this!  My daughter has Aspergers and *really* struggles with keeping track of time.  This makes completing tasks a daily challenge.  The Time Timer helped her to stay on task.  I was given the Time Timer iPad App. to review.  My daughter would set the timer for 10 minutes and then take the iPad up to her room.  Instead of disappearing for 30 minutes (or more!) she would be downstairs in 10 minutes!  It helped her to stay focused and accomplish what she'd set out to do.  
     I liked the fact that you could have more than one timer going at once with the iPad App. This is quite useful for keeping track of different children and activities.  I also liked that the Time Timer does not tick or have distracting sounds.  There is just a sound (of your choice) when time is completed.  Our iPad is used frequently by my husband so I am planning on purchasing the small timer for use in our home schooling and daily life skills. I am also considering the Time Timer watch for my daughter.
    I think it's important to mention that Time Timer's customer service is quite impressive.  I had a question about the iPad App. and emailed them on a Friday afternoon, after 5:00.  I was certain I would not hear anything until Monday.  I was very pleased when I received an answer within 15 minutes!:)  Very impressive and appreciated.
    I believe the Time Timer would be helpful to any family, not just individuals with special needs. It clearly shows how much time is left without constant reminders or questions. Read about some of the many uses including education and business here
   The Time Timer 3" timer sells for $30, the 8"- $35 and 12"- $40.  They also have a watch that sells for $40 and software that is $24.  There is even an App for the iPad and Iphone.  Orders placed in the U.S. and those which total $50 receive *free shipping*.

See what other TOS Crew thought about Time Timer here.

*I received the Time Timer Ipad App. in exchange for an honest review.  No other compensation was received.*

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April said...

Another great review, Lori! What a nifty little invention!