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Wednesday, November 9, 2011

VocabCafe- TOS review

    VocabCafe (created by College Prep Genius) is a wonderful program that combines exciting teen fiction books with SAT vocabulary review.  Definition, Repetition, Reinforcement is their 3-step approach to increasing vocabulary.  Each book has 300 words cleverly built into the story with the definition(s) at the bottom of the page in which the word(s) appear.  I loved this concept!  My daughter and I did not have to run to the dictionary whenever we found an unfamiliar word.  (Yes, there were quite a few that I did not know!)  There is also a vocabulary review at the end of each chapter.  (For extra practice, flashcards would have been helpful.)   
  VocabCafe includes four original books- Operation High School, Planet Exile, I.M. for Murder and The Summer of Saint Nick.  The books are quite engaging and entertaining!  I particularly enjoyed Operation High School which follows the adventure of a secret club of teenagers training to become spies.  They are well written for teens without foul language and "inappropriate situations".  Hurrah!  Parental discretion is advised, however, while reading the book I.M. for Murder, which contains graphic material some may find upsetting.
   Personally,  I think the books are a fabulous idea but I would not use VocabCafe exclusively to prepare for the SAT.  I would use multiple choice and flash cards in addition to the books to reinforce words.  I do think VocabCafe is entertaining for tweens and teens and the books are a fun way to introduce new words.  

College Prep Genius is offering a buy three, get one free offer for the VocabCafe set! 

Right now, get the set for $38.85, or buy individual books for $12.95 each.

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   *I was given the VocabCafe set of 4 books in exchange for an honest review.  No other compensation was received.*


laughingmom said...

My daughter who is prepping for the SAT's told me about these books - BUT she wasn't interested. She reads a book about every day and doesn't feel the need to add to that.

amy @ Life in Pink Hi-Tops said...

Sounds wonderful! One day Caleb will have to take the SAT....Now if I could get him to read things other than the graffiti on the bathroom walls (at school, of course)!

Josh Burk said...

Hi Lori!

Thanks for the review! We are currently in production of flash cards for the books which will feature the word, definition, pronunciation, usage, and the example sentence from the book (including chapter and page reference).

Hopefully this will make the products even more effective! Thanks again!