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Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Teach them Diligently Convention- Inspiring! Fun! And, oh, the curriculum!

Ken Ham was there.
As well as Pam Tebow. (Tim's Mom!)
Heidi St. John and so many other inspiring speakers/authors!

The curriculum. was. 

(No joke, I was sweating.  Had to concentrate on my breathing.  Crazy.)

(Opryland Hotel below)

It was soooo worth the road trip.

A shining example of "fun for the whole family!"

("Aquarium" restaurant. Looked like the poor eel above had a tummy ache.  lol)

We all attended camp activities or listened to speakers.
Some even snuck away to Starbucks.
Or so I heard.;)

My cutie even brought along her travel journal.
I loved watching her document everything we did that weekend.

It was wonderful meeting fellow homeschoolers and making new friends.

(Rainforest Cafe)

At dinner we'd all catch up on what we did that day.
A mini-vacation!

We are absolutely attending next year.  Do you planning on coming?

When we got back home I declared that summer was here!
Time to break out the salt water taffy.;)

This book just looks like all kinds of fun.
Care to join me?


Lindsay-ann said...

Lori, the homeschool convention looked so much fun. Glad you all enjoyed it. I am still amazed at The Opryland Hotel, I have never seen anywhere so big with so many fun things to do. Loved the cute picture of the girls :) Would love to join you on the girlfriend getaway ;) Where are we going? Lindsay x

Tristan said...

Lori!! You were only 3 or so hours away from me..hehe.

That looks super fun!! I am sooooooo jealous that you homeschool your girls, still trying to convince the hubby!!!

Anonymous said...

What a blessing to you and your family! Want to join in for next year! The girlfriend getaway sounds like just the ticket....to where?