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Thursday, February 20, 2014


A good night's sleep, sweaty workouts, hugs from my girls, laughter with a friend and sweet words from my husband all make me feel pretty- on the inside.

But you know what happens when I leave the house without make-up?  Someone, at some point, will tell me I look tired or ask if "I'm alright".  

But that's ok!  I *heart* cosmetics because they make me feel pretty- on the outside.

I'm always on the lookout for new products to try, but this is what I'm loving at the moment....

I have natural curl in my hair and I love to play it up.  It makes me feel carefree and a bit sassy!  Brilliant Styling Creme, by Aveda, gives my curl definition and less frizz.  And the scent is amazing!

When I was younger I never had dry skin- ever!  Now my hands need lots of help in the dryer months.  The only product to ever help me is Hand Relief, by Aveda.  My hands crack and bleed without it.  Everyone I've recommended it to has been pleased.  A real lifesaver!

L'OREAL Wear Infinite Studio Secrets in Summer Dusk eye shadow (Walgreens) looks soft and natural with my brown eyes.  I just discovered COVER GIRL'S Ink It! All Day Eye Pencil in Golden Ink last night.  It adds a bit of sparkle to my eyelids which is flirty and fun!  (It's also self sharpening which is a big plus for me.)  (Walgreens)  And my favorite mascara is They're Real! by Benefit.  Seriously thickens your lashes!  The trick is to gently wiggle the applicator horizontally down the lashes as you apply it.  Ta da!  (Sephora)

I'm lazy when it comes to foundation.  I want it quick and easy!  Most days I use LOREAL's B.B. Cream (light). (Ulta)  It's not heavy or great and covers well.  If I'm feeling extra ambitious I'll put on Aveda's Green Science Firming Face Cream first.;)

Winter weather is unkind to lips.  Blistex Revive & Restore (Walgreens) adds moisture and heals dryness quickly.  CHANEL Glossimer in Giggle (Nordstrom) is one of my favorite indulgences.  It makes me feel special!  Rimmel Lip Liner Exaggerate in Ravish (Ulta) is a pretty berry color and glides on smoothly.  They pair well together.

Do share what you're crushing on right now!  That's what friends are for.;)

What makes you feel pretty?



Jeanne said...

lucky you having that curl in your hair! Great products you shared.

Unknown said...

You are absolutely gorgeous inside and out!

Julie said...

Thank you for your Aveda hand relief recommendation! I was at the end of my rope yesterday with dry and bleeding hands, so I went to a salon that sells that product. One of the ladies who worked there was absolutely amazed what bad shape my hands were in. She rubbed some of the hand relief on my hands along with some sort of composition (?) oil (she only put the oil on one hand so I could tell the difference).The hand with the oil burned a little but the hand with only the hand relief felt soooo much better. The lady at the salon told me to put coconut oil on my hands at night and then put the hand relief over it. I tried that last night and it worked wonders. I woke up this morning with soft hands for the first time this winter! I had been using coconut oil only at night but that just wasn't doing the trick. I can't use coconut oil during the day because it leaves my hands too greasy. Same with other lotions. Either they smell terrible, are too greasy, or just don't work. This stuff is great. My hands love you!

Julie said...

What what makes me feel pretty? How about a shower! :) or if I'm lucky, a good 3 mile walk. But now that we live in the country it is so hard to find time to drive to town to take walks. I really need to fit it into my schedule. I don't wear make up but occasionally think I should get some. Probably a haircut would make me feel pretty but it's been so long since my last haircut that at this point I might as well wait so I can donate the hair to locks of love-I'm so close to 10". Also, eating healthy makes me feel pretty. Probably because my flab starts to disappear when I'm eating right.