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Monday, April 4, 2011

Shake Your Groove Thing, Apple Pies and Kate Plus 8

Bought this today.
A friend told me she dropped 8 pounds in two weeks while shaking her groove thing.
It's not a pretty sight to see me shakin' mine but it sure was fun!
Plus, I beat both my girls.:)
They won't dance with me anymore.
Guess I'll be going solo.

These things are yum.
Did you know you can get 2 for $1 or 1 for 99 cents?
They don't tell you in the drive thru but now you are an educated consumer.
13 grams of fat.:(
I ate half and passed the rest to the little cutie behind me.

Does anyone still watch this?
I watched 3 minutes tonight as I was flipping channels.

Guess you guys didn't like my last post with the panda.
I laughed until I cried!
Maybe I'm just weird.:)


Tristan said...

hahaha..i loved the panda but i was reading blogs fast during t-a's nap time..lol.

i love kate plus 8..hahaha..well, i really love those kiddos!

Lindsay-ann said...

It'a ages since I have had one of those apple pies but they are gorgeous. We have them in McDonalds over here. I could just share one with you right now ;)
Have fun with the dance game thingy!
We don't have the Kate Plus 8 show but I have watched some on youtube. Have you seen 'Ouch Sextuplets'? I saw that recently.

michelle edwards joy said...

Sorry Lori...didn't laugh at the Panda. He was kind of scary. McD's apple pies go great with ice cream but I don't do sugar anymore so....I will check out the Shake Your Groove Thing!

Polka Dot Moon said...

Just Dance is my fave! I want to get the Michael Jackson version {someday}. Great workout for sure!!

And I can't even talk about the apple pies.....miss them so!

theUngourmet said...

I love those apple pies. I think they have a caramel apple sundae now with an apple pie. It makes me wish I could still eat dairy and wheat. :D

I would love to give this dancin' thing a try. It sounds like loads of fun!

Eileen said...

I tried to comment on your Super Hero post but blogger wouldn't let me get there! Anyway, I love that idea and I wish I had that book when my kids were little. I'm trying to so that now with my grandson (he lives with us, and I watch him full time, so it's like he's a 'change of life' baby for us).

I agree about Kate Plus Eight, that whole situation is just so sad. I used to watch, but it lost it's attraction for me long ago when I felt like I was watching any 'Hollywood' family.

I've been playing 'catch-up' here on your blog and I laughed at the Panda, and I have Jayden home sick these past few days from school, I had him watch it, and he laughed and laughed. It really cheered him up!
Go Picnic ~ I would choose the hummus!
And good idea about the wind advisory text!
Do you have a basement to run to in a tornado? I heard the southwest corner of a basement is the safest place.

Love to you,

val said...

never watched Kate plus 8....she exploits her kids for money.....then again, maybe I'm just jealous b/c I didn't think of it. Nope....just couldn't do it.......

mel said...

I watched some earlier ones on Netflix for a while...it was fun when they were younger. I can definitely identify some with the, um, control-freak mom with too many kids thing, haha! But now it's just sad and tragic. They have changed so much and all her plastic surgery freaks me out. We watched one episode the other night for the first time in ages, the one where she goes to Australia, and she was traveling with 8 kids dressed in a miniskirt and high heels. Yikes. She looks like Barbie. I just want to wipe off her make up, put her in some sweats and a tshirt, and make her a really fattening cup of hot chocolate, lol...

Unknown said...

hey there! thanks for stopping by my blog today AND for following along :) i'm glad i stopped by yours cause i didn't have a clue that kate plus 8 was still on...it is sad for sure, but i'm completely intrigued for some reason. hmmm.

Sheri said...

Hey - hows the healthy eating and work out going? I haven't had carbs in 12 days - starting to feel good. Need to exercise more - never seems to be enough hours in the day. Hope all is well. :)

Georgia Girl said...

I have been wondering about the just dance video and i think i am going to get it also.

havent watched the video but i am on my way after i am finishing commenting...have not been in blogland much but now i will be able to visit more often since i have a computer at home now that goes fast.