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Sunday, January 15, 2012

The Big Book of American Trivia review and giveaway!

  Trivia fascinates me.  I may not know where I left my phone, but I can tell you that minoxidil is used for treating hair loss and that male seahorses- not female seahorses- give birth to their young.  I know you're impressed!;)  I love Jeopardy, Trivial Pursuit and playing Wii Smarty Pants.  When I set my eyes on The Big Book of American Trivia, written by J. Stephen Lang, I knew I had to read it.  It practically had my name on it!  The Big Book of American Trivia is a really fun collection of over 3,000 questions and answers!  Entertainment, History, Music, Literature, Art, Memorials, Holidays, Politics, Landmarks, and even Scandals are some of the many topics.  

A few of my favorite sections were Ten Questions (About Each State), America Month by Month, which states trivia questions by the month in which they occurred, and Doing it by the Decades- the 20's, 30's and 40's all the way until present day.  I rocked the 1970's, 80's and 90's.:)  Let Us Entertain You, which covers movies, theme parks, songs, TV, Toys & Games and more was also a blast!  

   The Big Book of American Trivia would be great to bring along on your next road trip, for a family gathering, or a gift for your favorite trivia lover or the person that has everything.  It truly includes a section for everyone!   

J. Stephen Lang
J. Stephen Lang
J. Stephen Lang's favorite game is Trivial Pursuit, and his favorite book is the Bible. Lang is a best-selling author whose other titles include The Ultimate Book of Bible TriviaThe Complete Book of Bible PromisesThe Big Book of American Trivia,  and The Complete Book of Confederate Trivia. He lives in Seminole, Florida.

Here is the fun part!  How would you like to win a copy?  Let's see how much of a trivia lover you are.:)  Below I will list a few questions from The Big Book of American Trivia.  For each answer you get correct, you will get an entry!  *As always, let me know if you are a follower and you will get another entry.:)*

1) Could you guess the name of a Hollywood Leading Lady if given the name of 3 of her films?  Father of the Bride, Annie Hall, Reds
2) What pioneering pop singer died in a plane crash on February 3, 1959?
3) "Red Stick," translated into French, is the name of what Louisiana city?
4) If you spotted a javelina in the Southwest, what kind of animal would you have seen?
5) Name the author- "Because I could not stop for death",  "A narrow fellow in the grass", "I felt a funeral in my brain"
6) What fast food restaurant asked people in the 1980's, "Where's the Beef?"
7) What "domestic diva" of TV went to prison in 2003?
8) The American Beauty is what type of flower?
9) What gangster was the FBI's first Public Enemy Number One? 
10) Before "hello" was introduced into the language, what word did people use when answering the phone?

Giveaway ends next Sunday, the 22nd.  Good luck!

*I was provided with a copy of The Big Book of American Trivia from Tyndale House Publishers in exchange for my honest opinion.  No other compensation was received.*

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Hey - I tagged you in a post on my blog - check it out and play along. Hope your off to the start of a great week! xo