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Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Time with Dad

My Dad came for a visit last week.  He is some kind of wonderful.

                     There was a lot of smiling going on.:)

                               Civil War doctor's equipment...

                                                        vintage cameras...

and art museums were on the menu.


We also visited book stores in hopes of finding treasure.

                        We lingered as the books were never- 


         It was cold and the older books were musty 
     and fabulous.  Like exploring an old attic.

                        Do you love books as much as we do?

Look at these lovelies.  $1 each.

            I was so happy to send my Dad home with a 
      few finds.

                He made friends with folks and they loved
        him.  No surprise.:)

We had a chuckle over this painting.  Any idea who he is?  (Lori- You are my big winner!  Yes, it's Davey Crockett!  Didn't know he liked dessert so much.:) )

        If you can identify him I may just have a little 
    prize for you!


My Dad arrived on the coldest day of the winter.  It.was.bitter.

          But we whisked him off to some sushi while 
     we warmed up.:)

This is one of my favorites.  Stunning watercolor!

     I was amazed at how the lamps appear to glow.

          The new Crystal Bridges Museum is truly

We also went to see "Tin Tin"!  Steven Spielberg does it again!  Full of action and suspense- you really must go see it!

We almost had the theater to ourselves!  The other 2 people didn't make a peep.:)

    This Last Supper piece is made with spools of 
   thread.  Unreal!  It's upside down but right side
   up in the glass sphere.  Can you see it?

If you make a loud sound into the horn, music plays.  

      It was not easy to see my Dad go.  The trip
   in the car was quiet as we dreamed of things we
   would do on his next trip...

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Sherri said...

What a lovely visit with you Dad you all had!! He sounds like he enjoyed himself with his daughter and Granddaughters too!! HUGS!!

Lori said...

You go to the most interesting places!! What a wonderful time spent with a wonderful man ~ how fun for you and your girls. I could almost smell the dusty smell of those old books - wonderful. My son asked me if I would like an electronic "book" and I quickly told him that I didn't think so. There is something about turning real paper pages, the smell and the feel of a real book. Is the picture of Davey Crockett? What is your review of Tin Tin?

April said...

What fun and cherished time with your dad! I have a cousin in Arkansas who just visited that museum...she loved it as much as you did! I must go sometime! Enjoy your day, Lori!

Tristan said...

what a fun day!!!

those books!!!!!! awesome!!!!

how great that you can take your kiddos to do things when ever you want!

Lindsay-ann said...

Yes I can certainly say we LOVE books too. I would not have been able to get Tim out of that second hand book shop! The art museum looks a great place. I love the picture with the glowing lamps, that's really special and the Last Supper one is really clever. So glad you got to visit some great places with your Dad. You have wonderful pictures to keep those memories alive for you all. Thanks for sharing them, it's the next best thing to actually being there with you too :)