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Monday, January 30, 2012

Married Mom, Single Parent Blog Tour

   Married Mom, Solo Parent is the perfect book for all those amazing Moms that do the work of both parents so often that they feel like they are single.  You know who I'm talking about- military wives, ladies with husbands who travel extensively, Moms that have husbands that are ill or perhaps they just have issues that interfere with life (computer addiction, alcohol, etc.).  We have all been there at some point in our lives and it's not fun.  
   The author, Carla Anne Coroy, has endured and lived this life and is here to help!   Through Bible verses and stories such as Hosea and Gomer and Job she guides us down this bumpy road.  There are lists of ideas for building friendships, tips on discipline, encouragement for meal times and keeping house and inspiring ways to keep yourself energized and happy so that you can be the Mom you want to be.  This book is packed full of ways to help you stay married (and even thrive!) as a married, single parent when sometimes you just want to quit.  It's wonderful!

Read a sample of Married Mom, Solo Parent here!

Married Mom, Solo Parent is a common-sense, down-to-earth look at the struggles wives and mothers face when their husband is not actively involved in family life. Writing from her own experience as a married single mom, Carla Anne Coroy will help wives and mothers sort through their questions, such as: Can I do this alone? How do I raise kids to honor their father? How do I give my children a healthy perspective of marriage if they never see one in action? With practical suggestions, anecdotes, and biblical teaching, this book will encourage moms to see their position as a high calling, to find healing for their worries and frustrations, and to tap into God’s strength for help in facing the daily challenge of being a married mom, solo parent.

About the Author: Carla Anne Coroy has served full-time with organizations such as Youth for Christ and Crown Financial Ministries, and is currently developing an international mentoring organization for youth and a ministry to wives who parent alone. She runs the Married Single Mom blog at www.carlaannecoroy.blogspot.com. She speaks regularly and serves as a staff writer for an online Christian women’s magazine Mentoring Moments for Christian Women. Carla Anne lives in Canada with her husband and four homeschooled children.

*I received a copy of Married Mom, Solo Parent from Kregel Publications in exchange for my honest opinion.  No other compensation was received.*


April said...

Sounds like a book I could definitely have benefited from when Chris was traveling all the time. I often felt like a single mom and it can be hard, at times. Great review, as always!

Carla Anne Coroy said...

Thanks for your great review! I'm so glad you found it 'wonderful'!

It's my prayer that moms would find the hope they need to live with joy no matter what stage they are at.

Carla Anne

PS... April, perhaps you know someone else who could use it now?? :)