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Saturday, January 7, 2012

Maestro Classics- TOS review

Learning with your child, without speaking a word.  Maestro Classics make it possible.  Their classic music CD series, which have won 45 national awards, entertains while they tell a story!  We were given the opportunity to review Swan Lake and it was such a pleasure!  While traveling to the dentist's office we were transported to a magical land where a reluctant Prince must choose his bride.  He sees the most beautiful swan and finds out that she is really a lovely princess under a spell!  Along with the music and the story we learned all about the composer, Tchaikovsky.  I had no idea that he was painfully shy and had an anonymous benefactress!  Music Education is often overlooked but Maestro Classics makes it an easy, fun, and enriching part of school.  They even offer FREE curriculum activities on their website!  My 9 year old ballerina (who I thought would be the biggest fan) really liked the CD but my 14 year old daughter was the one who enjoyed it the most!  She even suggested that we purchase "Peter and the Wolf"!  Guess what she got in her stocking for Christmas?:)
   Here is what the Maestro Classics website has to say about Swan Lake:  The Story of Swan Lake, Tchaikovsky’s greatest ballet score, is the tale of a prince who falls in love with a beautiful princess. The princess, however, has been turned into a swan by an evil magician, and only the prince’s love can break the spell. This narrated version of the classic tale for children is sure to delight all who love ballet and enchanting storytelling.

   The CD comes with a 24 page activity book that includes a biography of Tchaikovsky, information on acoustic and electric guitars, sheet music and words for a sing along song (Learning this song was SUPER fun!), explanation of major and minor keys, puzzles and more. 
   Other CDs in the series are "Peter and the Wolf", "Casey at the Bat", "The Tortoise and the Hare", "The Sorcerer's Apprentice" and more.  They sell here for $16.98 (CD) and $9.98 (download). 

   Click here to see what other TOS members thought about Maestro Classics. 

*I was given a complimentary CD of Swan Lake from Maestro Classics in exchange for an honest review.  No other compensation was received.*

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