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Friday, January 20, 2012

Just Call me Dr. Mom

It's that time of year again.
Time to go to the doctor.
Or is it?

A precious friend of mine, who is also a naturopathic doctor, has shown me there are options.
You don't always have to drag yourself or your children to the waiting room where they can pick up every kind of sick bug known to man.

        Colloidal Silver is our new best friend.  It fixed my husband's Strep Throat and you can even use 
         it for pink eye and ear infections!  YES!

       The Organic Lemon Echinacea Throat Coat (pictured above) was my husband's favorite.  He said it really made his throat feel better.  Plus, it tastes good!

       Echinacea is wonderful for boosting immunity and Airborne has been a good helper, too.

        Zarbee's is our newest favorite.  My youngest really likes the taste, it helped her throat feel better and helped her sleep.  The box is pretty darn cute, too.  We bought it at Walgreens.

         Thought this might help some of you all out.  I hate going to the doctor, trying to get an appointment, and then sitting there like a bumpkin while they tell you what you already know.  Now I am in the know.:)  Just call me Dr. Mom.


April said...

What wonderful tidbits, Lori! Going to the doc. for any reason is not my favorite thing to do. I always come out of there feeling like I need to bathe in anti-bacterial solution! :)

Sarea said...

Another possible choice is regular visits to the Chiropractor who can keep your spine aligned, cutting down on subluxations so that your body can communicate and heal itself faster, and boosting your immune system! ;-)

Sarea said...

Another option would be to get regular adjustments from a chiropractor, which boosts your immune system and allows your body to communicate without interruptions!

Tristan said...

i just wrote down the stuff for sore throat,i have been struggling wih one for 2 weeks..and refuse the dr...ha..i haven't been to a dr. since i had t-a..hate it.

t-a on the other hand..ahhh.

anyway..i finally gave in tonight and tried the vinegar and honey mixture that my grams always made..gag...but it is helping!

thanks for the tips!!!

Lori Starks said...

Thanks for all of the information and tips! We all passed around a really crazy cold bug a couple of weeks ago.

danielle @ RLR said...

I totally need this post this very day! Can you hear me hackin' and sniffling? Ugh. I'd been doing Cinnamon and Honey in my afternoon tea...and then got off routine and blam. Down and out! And I just don't have time for down and out!


My mom has been having some major health issues...would you mind emailing me privately? I couldn't find an email on your page? But then I do have this nasty head cold...


Hope you're staying warm today! We're getting snowed in...at least the kids are happy. ;)


Jen~ Lipstick and Laundry said...

Awesome tips Lori thanks...

Lori Starks said...

I went and got some Sovereign Silver for Ella. She has a canker sore in her mouth that is driving her crazy and so I am putting that on there hoping it clears up faster.