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Friday, March 23, 2012

Rag Quilts, ebay and FREE Coffee Mate

The rain has finally stopped.
I miss it.
It gave me an excuse to work on my first rag quilt.
Birdies and polka dots.

A friend of mine hosted both my girls at a sleepover that also included me having the whole day to myself.
That hasn't happened in... never.
I walked, sewed, read and even had lunch at Panera.
Felt like it was my birthday.
Thanks, Sandy.

Just started my newest book by Debora M. Coty.
This lady is ahhh-mazing!
She knows what women need and really connects with Papa God.  
Yep, that's what she calls Him.:)

Anyone want to join me?
(Only 2 more left in stock at amazon, so you'd better skedaddle.)

Tons of clothes to ebay today.
Not my favorite thing to do but it contributes to "fun money".;)
Love buying clothes for my cuties.
M loves everything I hate. Boo.
K and I still agree on clothes.
How much longer will that last?

I've been reading Hit the Road with M every night this week.  Laugh out loud funny and heartwarming as well. I highly recommend it!  16 year old girl helps her 86 year old grandmother "kidnap" her friend from a nursing home to take them to their yearly reunion.  You are never too old for an adventure!

  Click here for a FREE BOTTLE of COFFEE-MATE!  Hurry, before they run out.  I just got mine!:)

  Happy Friday!


Tristan said...

you deserved that day..woo!!!

thanks for the coupon!!

April said...

Nothing better than a little time to yourself! I don't get that very often either, but when I do...I enjoy it to the hilt! I always love your reviews, Lori! Have a wonderful weekend!

Sherri said...

Lori, your day alone sounds awesome!! I could use one of those right now!

Lindsay-ann said...

The rag quilt is going to be so cute. The fabric is adorable. Glad you had a relaxing day to yourself. I know just what you mean about the clothing. I dread going clothes shopping with J now as we disagree on everything!! Guess what we are doing tomorrow morning? aaaaaaahhh help!! The book sounds fun. Good luck with ebay. I have 17 items ending tomorrow so I need to start packaging them up soon. Have a good weekend.

amy @ Life in Pink Hi-Tops said...

Whoo-hoo for you! Can't wait to see your rag quilt finished. I can't believe Katie and you still agree on clothes...Just a little jealous, I guess. I don't remember the last time Anna and I agreed on clothes. I usually say, "Really?" about whatever outfit she's wearing.

Anonymous said...

Oh, such cute frabric for your rag quilt. Owls are so in right now. CuuuUTE!!

Have a FAB weekend!

Robin Beck said...

Wow, give you a day to yourself and you can change the world! ;)
The rag quilt is going to be adorable. You are such a inspiration!