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Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Breaking Up is Hard to Do

I can almost hear Neil Sedaka singing, "They say that breaking up is hard to do...".  Now I know, I know that it's true- la la la.....  I really like my doctor, but our relationship is becoming a struggle.  She has changed offices and no one there seems to know what is going on.  They can't even tell me if they take our insurance or not!  That should not be a tough question.  Anyway, I needed to have some lab work done before my next appointment but, get this, they don't have a lab yet.  SO, I had to drive to their office yesterday to get my lab order. Well, the appointment lady hands me the paper and tells me, "I think you have to go to the hospital."  Not my favorite place and one that I avoid, if at all possible.  So I squeak out, " Can you check with the nurse?"   I have visions of the girls and I wandering the hospital begging someone to please take my blood- shudder.  Anyway, she comes back and tells me that, yes, I will have to go to the hospital. Good Times.  We hop into the car and toddle off to the next stop on our scavenger hunt.  We arrive at the hospital and ask the nice volunteer lady where the lab is located.  Then, we march down the hall and are greeted by a sign stating that "you must register before being seen."  Huh.  Back we go to the entrance of the hospital where all the lucky ladies and gentleman sit waiting for various forms of torture, I mean, surgery and such.  At this point I call Jeff and ask him if I should just change doctors.  He tells me to go ahead and complete my mission.  So, I register (which did go quickly and the man was very nice) and am awarded with my prize- a plastic hospital bracelet!  We head back to the lab where I get to play "I Spy" with the girls while I pretend that my right arm is not part of my body.  (I do this to avoid passing out- I'm a wimp).  Mission accomplished!

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