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Tuesday, July 15, 2008


   Ooooh, I love receiving packages in the mail, meeting new, wonderful people and hosting swaps!  It has become an addiction with me.  I just finished hosting "The Kid's Summer Swap" which was TOO fun!  Met the nicest people!  One person in particular was Beth and her two little cutie pies.:-)  She is SO creative and knows how to sew!  This always impresses me since I am scared witless of sewing machines.  I think this dates back to an episode in Girl Scouts.  Perhaps therapy is in order?  Hmmm...  Anyway....  It's time to host a swap for us "grown-up" girls!  I've been playing around with ideas such as an ice cream color swap, Fall colors swap (love Fall!), Halloween swap, etc.  Can you tell I am ready for cooler weather??  Let me know what you think about my ideas and if you have any creative ideas of your own.  Maybe a mystery swap?


Michelle said...

Oh, I am loving that header picture! Makes my mouth water! I did a couple of Halloween swaps last year, I think one was for just general Halloween stuff and the other was to make a Halloween hat. Both were really fun since I didn't have too many Hallween decorations! I am totally hooked on swaps so I will probably join in, whatever you do!

Katrina said...

I will join! I actually just shipped out your package this morning... I wanted to get it done since I have a crazy schedule the next 2 weeks!
I love the idea of a fall colors swap. I love fall colors. =)

Beth said...

You are too nice! My 1st sewing project was 'culots' (clam digger type pants) in the 6th grade. I didn't know the fabric had a right side and a wrong side. My one pants leg was one shade of blue and the other pants leg was a 'different' shade of blue!

Anyway - ooohhh - fall. I love autumn. That way Halloween could be part of it but also autumnal colors or things.

Great idea. I'm in no matter what you do. Beth

Robin Beck said...

Speaking of packages... I got mine today from you!!!!!
Girl...You are in big trouble for putting that extra little gifty in there. But trouble or not I will cherish them forever. Just beautiful Lori. You make stunning jewelry ~Even more beautiful in person.

I will write you more in my E mail to you tonight...
Hey... I'm totally in for a swap...I think a fall swap is in order. Being the stores are putting their fall things out on display already! A mystery one sounds good too! If you need any help with putting on the swap let me know!
P.S. I had a bad experince at Girl Scouts too...What's that all about?

Thanks again for the earrings~Love them!

mysteryhistorymom said...

Robin- I am so glad that your package arrived safely and that you are happy with your earrings!:-) Thanks for your sweet comments. You are such a dear friend to me.:-) Lori