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Thursday, July 24, 2008

Wilson and Wilson Folk Art

   Years ago I walked into Wilson and Wilson Folk Art gallery in Eureka Springs, Arkansas with my Mom and Jeff.  I immediately fell in love with the colorful and happy art work of Blakely Wilson.  In fact, I have her art all over my house now!  Blakely is a person that absolutely exudes joy and makes you feel right at home.  Her art work does the same thing for me in my home, too.  Blakely and her mother both paint (she learned from her mother) and share the shop.  If you are ever in Eureka Springs you must stop by and say, "Hello."  You will leave having made some new friends and maybe even take a little piece of happiness home with you- like I did.:-)


amy @ Life in Pink Hi-Tops said...

I can see why you fell in love with these--gorgeous!

Robin Beck said...

That is some beautiful folk art... I love the attentions to detail.
Like the birds on the cows tails and the carrots. Beautiful!

Peggi Meyer Graminski said...

I love the look and feel of folk art too - thanks for sharing the Wilson's art with us! It's such a wonderful feeling to discover a piece of art that brings about feelings of happiness and security - so when you find it, buy it =)

I really like the Amish style too - it looks so simple at first, but then when you study the designs & color combos they are incredible!

I also wanted to say that I love your banner pic, Lori - all those colors and shapes are really amazing!

Talk to ya soon, Peggi

Michelle said...

So beautiful! I love the last one best!

Robin Beck said...

Aha! I knew something was familiar about the folk art that you posted today... I have the card you sent me with my earrings right by my computer that I look at every day AND love... I turned it around and it was from Wilson & Wilson-So much better then Hallmark! Thanks! And what is the deal with only having 3 childhood photos..? Write me when you get a chance. Big Hugs!

Artfulife said...

They are so fun. I love finding out about new artists. Thank you, I will try to find them on the web so I can see more of their work. Have a fun weekend.

Ps. That would be fun for your daughter to visit Sloan's blog. She would love it.

~ Roxanne said...

I love the idea of bring happiness and joy into your home through art work! You are always teaching me new things :0}

Heather said...

How did you choose? They are all so beautiful and warm.