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Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Japanese Beetles

   They have landed.  The dreaded Japanese Beetles.  Have they come to visit your garden too?  Hate them.  They eat and eat and eat until there is nothing left!  What can you do??  Forget about those lovely yellow beetle catcher things that your neighbor has in their front yard.  They only attract more.  The only solution- and it is only temporary- is to recruit your children.  Give them an empty water bottle and let em' go!  My girls look forward to catching these suckers every year.  It's war!  Yes, I have been seen sneaking around the yard with an empty water bottle, too.  I know the neighbors think I'm crazy, but I can always blame it on the heat.  We also have beetles that are TWICE the size of these guys that started attending our "bed and breakfast" last year!!  Someone told me they are June bugs??  They are SSSSSSSOOOO  disgusting!  I hope you are lucky enough to avoid these "buffet breeders", but just in case they stop by for a snack, get a hold of your kids.  It will get them out of the house.


Anonymous said...

Oh, I so despise these critters! THey weren't here as of yesterday, but now you make me want to run out and check my roses!!

Jessica said...

My dad told me when he was young him and his brothers would tie a string on the ends of their legs and watch them fly around on the end of it, like a little mini kite. ahaha...cruel boys!!

~ Roxanne said...

Great idea! We are back in town and when the kids are bored, I will have something new for them todo :0}