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Tuesday, July 22, 2008

My Quiz from QuizYourFriends.com

Come take the quiz!  Let's see how well you know my family!:-)

How well do you know our family?
1) Where did Jeff attend college?
THe University of Virginia
Kansas State
The United States Naval Academy

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amy @ Life in Pink Hi-Tops said...

Lori--started taking the quiz and was failing miserably when I bailed! Shame on me! I thought I was so smart because I knew the answer to the first question....that's what I get ;)

Artfulife said...

Too fun. I only scored 50%. Not bad for someone who doesn't know ya. I posted about the swap and I added you to my links. Hope you have a wonderful week.

Robin Beck said...

I feel like a heel...I was going to put you were born in Texas and I switched at the last minute and put Kansas! DOI' I knew that didn't I??? What stinks is I ranked the same as someone that didn't even know you~ WHAAT is that all about? In my defense I had a horrible asthma attack tonight and the lack of oxygen must have affected my brain! ugh.
And what is this deal with Jeff Drake getting 100%?? He better. :)

mysteryhistorymom said...

Robin- You are SO funny! Of course, Jeff had to take the test, too! He is such a nut!! You're right, he'd better get 100%! Don't worry about getting 50%. I think the asthma attack is to blame. I hope you are feeling better!:-) Lori

Heather said...

That was fun Lori. I scored 60%...pretty good considering we just "cyber" met!

mysteryhistorymom said...

Good job, Heather!:-) Lori

Anonymous said...


I must need to brush up on my Drake Family Facts. I cant beleive I only make a 50%. Gosh! Hope to see you soon! :)


Jessica said...

Shame shame on me. I'm so embarassed :( those are toughy!!

Anonymous said...

Hey....I got 30. I just met you today. I think I knew you liked to make jewelry...I love the Napolean voice. Cute. Thanks for stopping by. I will let everyone know tomorrow who won!!


kitchenditcher said...

Yowzers! I bombed your quiz!! I am definitely going to be visiting more often to get to know you better!! lol