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Saturday, July 26, 2008

Packages from Kid's Summer Swap!

   I hosted a Kid's Summer Swap earlier this summer and it was a hit!  My girls made some new friends and loved getting their own packages in the mail.:-)  Mandy's swap partner was her 2nd cousin, Kemma.  The girls have never met one another but what a great way to get to know each other!  Kemma sent Mandy an amazing package of goodies!  My cousin, Robyn,
labeled each package with a number and explained why each gift was chosen.  So creative!  They sent some Canadian money and postcards, a bead kit, candy (where did THAT go??), a craft kit, Canadian pins, and some lovely dishtowels and doilies that our grandmother made (such a special touch!).  Mandy's favorite part was a tiny kitty purse from a Chinese shop.  What a treasure trove!  Thanks Kemma!

   Katie's partner was Paige and what a fabulous load of goodies she sent her!  Katie received popsicle molds, the cutest little pink pig (Katie calls her "Plumpy"), gummy lifesavers, a pink bag, a kit to make your own ice cream, a pink, fluffy boa, a Hello Kitty noise maker, and a Jacks game set!  Thanks Paige!  The girls were definitely spoiled- and they loved it!  I think I need to host another kid's swap in the near future.:-)


joyfullness said...

Lori.... I have just returned from our family vacation and have really enjoyed catching up on your wonderful blog!! The fun you have with your girls is always so heartfelt on this end... you are such a great teacher and provider of life's best stuff... i am inspired by you.... Thank you for choosing me as one of your ladies to receive such a sweet reward.. what an honor friend...and also.. your comment on my last posting was so tender and meant so much to me.. Thank you for your kind words... I am always so impressed by your Mandy... she is stunning and i am encouraged by her accomplishments... Thankyou for sharing that little piece/peace with me...have a love-fully

Kemma said...

Truly, this was such a fun thing to do with the girls. My mom really got into it, too, hunting through the things that Nana had made, and picking out ones for Amanda. I think there is another parcel coming your way soon (this time from Rita), for you, and probably Katie (it's never too soon to start a Hope Chest) with more things that Nana has made. You should SEE the stockpile of stuff. The tablecloths and teatowels that she embroidered 5-10 years ago are, of course, a little better color-coordinated, but even her later stuff is just so special and folksy, even if the colors are a little, um... 'why would she pick *that*?'-ish.
So watch the mail. And I think your sister's gonna be getting a box, too.

Robin Beck said...

What is it with you guys and chocolate over there? :) Believe it or not I once worked for See's candy. :) Yummy.

Sherry said...

Your girls got some neat stuff! It was a really fun swap and I loved getting to know Beth! She is really a neat person! Thanks for hosting it, the kids and I had a great time! I was thinking about something with the new Cheetah Girls movie coming out for a swap. Are your girls into Cheetah Girls at all?

Heather said...

That is more than good mail...that is great mail!

Michie said...

I am so glad that Katie liked the goodies from Paige. Paige LOVED getting her package from Katie, and she liked talking about what she was going to send to her friend Katie. I'd love to do this again sometime. Maybe I'll even find a swap to join myself sometime. :) Thanks!