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Sunday, July 13, 2008

Sunday Funday


Happy Sunday!  Hope yours was a fabulous one!  We were busy little beavers today.  Mandy worked on making a bag for her swap partner, Kemma.  Kemma is also my cousin's daughter.  So what does that make Mandy and Kemma?  2nd cousins??  Anyway, the girls have never met before but have a lot of things in common.  Hopefully, sometime in the near future, they can meet face to face.  In the meantime, Mandy is enjoying making a fun package up for Kemma to enjoy.:-)

 Oops!  We had a few mishaps with some dishes, so we decided "if life gives you lemons, make lemonade!"  Katie and I enjoyed our first attempts at mosaic 
art and had an absolute blast!  I am 
actually looking forward to some more dishes breaking.:)


  The biggest news of the day was Katie learning to ride her bike- without training wheels!  WooHoo!  To celebrate, we took her to Toys R Us to get a new basket and bell for her bike.  We are so proud of her!  She just decided that today was the day she was going to learn to ride and hopped on her bike.  Off she went!   

We harvested our first zucchini from our garden, too!  I have Zucchini Bread in the oven right now- yum!  Here's the recipe I used if you have some extra zucchini or just happen to love 
zucchini bread like me.:-)   

Zucchini Bread

3 cups flour
1 tsp. salt
1 tsp. baking soda
1 tsp. baking powder
3 tsp. cinnamon
3 eggs
1 cup vegetable oil (I am going to try 1/2 applesauce and 1/2 oil next time)
2 1/4 cups sugar
3 tsp. vanilla
2 cups grated zucchini

1) Grease and flour 2 8x4 pans.  Preheat oven to 325 degrees.
2) Sift flour, salt, baking soda, baking powder and cinnamon together in a bowl.
3) Beat eggs, oil, vanilla, and sugar together in a large bowl.  Add sifted ingredients to the creamed mixture and beat well.  Stir in zucchini until well combined.  Pour batter into prepared pans.
4) Bake for 40- 60 minutes or until toothpick inserted in the center comes out clean.


Katrina said...

Are those blue willow plates! I have a set and I LOVE them! =)

Michelle said...

Yeah for no training wheels! I wish my Matthew would make that decision. Course then one of us would have to run around behind him, come to think of it I think that is why he still has training wheels. Zuchinni bread is the best!

Robin Beck said...

Oh my goodness I write you this E mail saying you should post the birdhouses and you ALREADY did~! They are so cute! And look at you Mrs Betty Crocker! Making bread this weekend!
Tell Katie congratulations on riding her bike without training wheels-Love the basket~!

amy @ Life in Pink Hi-Tops said...

I seriously love zucchini bread--I've even used the recipe to make muffins! Which reminds me I left all that zucchini my dad grew at his house!! Rats!

Anonymous said...

I am craving zucchini bread now. Lol! I can't wait to be able to make some. I love the bird houses by the way. They are just beautiful.

Heather said...

Way to go Katie! I bet she was standing about 2 inches taller that day:) The zucchini bread sounds delish. You are so creative with the birdhouses & broken dishes. Such a positive spin on things...I need to do more of that!