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Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Waiting Up for the Tooth Fairy

   The Tooth Fairy came by last night...  Katie's other front tooth is loose, too, so I think we may soon be hearing "All I Want for Christmas is my Two Front Teeth"!:D

   While waiting for the Tooth Fairy to arrive I was busy making some treasures for my shop!
   This sweet bracelet would be perfect to put in a stocking!  Tiny hearts and flower shaped cat's eye beads in a rainbow of colors.  Sweets for your little sweetie!:D

   Freshwater pearls are perfect for the holidays- and every day!  Simple, yet elegant....

   I call this one "Rock Candy"!  The gemstones are lovely with the most amazing colors!  

   By the way, what is the going rate for the Tooth Fairy?  I heard that she brings presents to Heather's kiddos!  What is it like at your house?


Lindsay-ann said...

I hope the tooth fairy remembered to come!
When Jessica lost very first tooth she ate it by mistake! She was so upset because she had no tooth to leave the tooth fairy. I explained that the tooth fairy would still come but we decided to leave her a note explaining the sitution just in case!

Anonymous said...

Shes cute!The going rate was nver presents.LOL.Not at our house.We always put a few quarters in a little pink netting then tied it with a pink bow.My Katie looked really funny without her front teeth.Oh it seems like yesterday.~becky

Shell in your Pocket said...

She is so cute....the tooth fairy has been busy at my house!!!
-Sandy Toes

Tristan said...

When I was little....we got $5...i think, and I ususally wasted it on candy!

Jessica said...

I didn't think Katie could get any cuter buy my word that's adorable! Princess is 7 and STILL hasn't lost a single tooth! She's a beauty mommy!

Beth said...

So cute! The 1st lost tooth in our house is worth more - it was two dollars. After that - it's quarters - just whatever I can find in my purse - usually one dollar. What the tooth fairy does do as a little extra is leave a toothbrush on the night stand next to my daughter's bed or some of those character flossers - something cool but tooth / teeth related.

Love the bracelets. My daughter's need one each for their stockings! Hmmm - must convo you...Beth

KKJD1 said...

Oh the tooth fairy gives $3 here. I think my son has lost his last baby tooth this past week. And the 2 older boys were done along time ago. So onto another stage of life! Hope the tooth fairy was good to your little one.
I love all your jewelry but I like the rock candy one the best. Hope you get them all sold!
Blessings, Karen

Cristina Mathers said...

SHe is just precious! what a proud and happy smile!

when i was in 2nd grade i had a friend who came to school and told the story of the tooth fairy leaving fairy dust, a letter written in gold pen and $20.00! i felt so neglected! I used to get silver dollars! they were awesome!

Robin Beck said...

Wow~!The tooth fairy has been leaving more and more it looks like by everybody's comments. We always left a dollar and a note from the tooth fairy. (I still have all the notes and the teeth to this day each in it's own little container)
I love the idea of leaving a cute toothbrush and flavored floss too!
Katie is so adorable that I feel the need to come over there and give her a big hug! ~♥

Tangee said...

Oh, I love the pretties you have made. We haven't kept up with the tooth fairy around here. I seem to have puttered out around baby girl #2.

Heather said...

Katie is adorable! The tooth fairy leaves a dollar here, but with the first tooth she left a book also. I really like the idea regarding the new toothbrush/flossers..I think the tooth fairy might start doing that and getting those gold dollar coins for fun.

Love the bracelets!

Artfulife said...

She looks so cute in that picture. I love pictures of kiddo's missing their teeth.

amy @ Life in Pink Hi-Tops said...

The toothfairy at our house is sooo cheap--you get a quarter if she even comes! She always forgets to stop here!!

Darlene said...

I always think kids look sooooo cute with their missing teeth!!! Lexi, at 9 still has a few more to go! The tooth fairy here gives $5.00 per tooth. One time when she was especially scared and had to have one pulled she even got $10.00 for being such a brave girl!

That bracelet is adorable...if Lexi would wear one of those kinds we would have that!!

~ Roxanne said...

How exciting for Katie! Parker shouldn't be to far behind in losing his first tooth. He is very excited about having a loose tooth :0}

I remember thinking about the same song with Sydney about two falls ago! Sweet childhood memories.

Yarni Gras! said...

$2.00 unless they yank it out themselves. Needless to say, my kids are brave....the tooth fairy gives out a lot of 5 dollar bills!

Polka Dot Moon said...

Look at all of your lovely creations!! They are all so unique and pretty!

Hmmm.....presents? A dollar is what the tooth fairy brought Jackson along with a little note ;)

Have a great weekend!

mel said...

Maria had no front teeth one year from Christmas. I have a picture of her in her Nutcracker costume, big grin, no teeth. :)

The tooth fairy here brings one of those gold dollar coins. Two of them for molars.

FYI, if the tooth fairy should suddenly find herrself gold-coinless one evening, the post office stamp machine, which is open 24 hours, will give you gold dollar coins in change!