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Saturday, November 29, 2008

Bumbles, Birdie Num Nums and Milky Timer

   We didn't set out to drive our children crazy.  It started when they were babies and stayed with us.  I'm talking about terms of endearment and "family phrases".:)  Do you share in this method of torture at your house?  Mandy wants to be called by her given name now- Amanda.  Not gonna happen.  She is either Mandy or "Maa Maa" (as given to her by her little sister) to us.  The term "bumbles" was used by Mandy's gymnastics teacher when Mandy was about 2 years old.  "You just hold them by the bumbles (bottom)..."- we thought that was precious!  It stuck, too.  My parents started "milky timer" (milk) and there is "bathy timer", "sleepy timer", etc.  It makes the girls crazy!  We can't help it- the names stuck!  
   We don't always talk baby talk.  It just slips sometimes when we are at home- just the four of us.  I know you do it, too.  Be proud!  You are passing on a tradition to your children.  I bet our grand children will be drinking milky timer someday, too.:)


Shell in your Pocket said...

yes, at home? I sometimes catch myself doing it "out"...with everyone looking at me!
-sandy toes

KKJD1 said...

Good mornin! Yes we do have nicknames that have stuck. It is hard to call them something else when you have called them by that name forever. Blessings, Karen

Darlene said...

Yep Lexi has a few nicknames and she calls all the animals some sort of nickname she has made up.

Robin Beck said...

We are all about baby talk at our house. We talk to all animals in baby talk because they don't understand anything else!
Our family nicknames are:
Brian: Barnard
Brenda: Bean
Ty: Ty Ty
Ronnie: Pud or Ronnie Jay Jay Timmy: Boobie when little now Tim'mers
Tim: babe, honey, pastor (from his coworkers) Timmy
Me: Membs or buns
Noel:precious little punkin, newt newt, nodie & no no ~♥

Must go hang out with family! Be back later!

mommyholly said...

Hahaha that is too cute!!! Andrew doesn't have any words for things, but his names for people have stuck. My sister is "Num-Num" and my mom is "Ni-Ni"!! :) Auntie and Grandma were just too conventional for him lol!

PS. The Host is a-ma-zing....!! It isn't Twilight, but it is still awesome!!! I am alomsot done, then I will do a full review for ya on my blog hehe!! It took me a few chapters to get into it, since it is a weird premise, but it really is GREAT! :) xo!

Lindsay-ann said...

Those names are funny. I really couldn't imagine what your post was all about when I read the title!
When I was pregnant with Jessica and had an early scan Tim said she looked like a peanut so she was peanut before she was born. Then he called her pumpkin for years (I don't know why) until she said she didn't like being called that.
I think all nick names are cute in their own way.

Yarni Gras! said...

funny...we have little sayings too...

Sherri said...

Our daughters went through the same thing. I think Jenny has asked us 3 times to call her something different. First she wanted to be called Jennifer, then Jen and now Jenny. Megan was always called Meggie by Jenny. That still continues to this day. We just call her Megan, she doesn't care for Meg, sometimes we call her Megs which doesn't seem to bother her. Kids!!

Beth said...

Those names are so cute!

Cottage Rose said...

I have always told my kids they making them crazy and embarrassing them that it is what I live for. ha ha I love my kids to death but also love to make them nuts.... Sort of like pay back when they made me nuts.. lol

Have a great weekend.