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Saturday, November 1, 2008

G.I. Jane and Dorothy

   Yesterday was one wild and crazy day!  It was one of those days when we were constantly running this way and that...  Good thing Halloween only comes once a year!  lol!:D  Mandy dressed up as G.I. Jane and Katie dressed up as Dorothy.  Such fun!

Here is Mandy putting on her "combat" face.  (Actually, she was sick and tired of the picture taking.  One day the girls will thank me.)

   We went to a home school Halloween party and spent time with friends.  The girls looked great!:)
   Katie was thrilled to win a cupcake during the Cake Walk!  Oh, and I had her costume made by etsy seller- itshandmadebymelanie.etsy.com  It's actually a flannel nightgown that she will be wearing for a long time.   It was really well made and so soft!  Melanie is starting to make Christmas nightgowns, so stop by and take a peek!  

   Katie and her friend Arianna- the "other" Dorothy.:D

   Mandy and her friend, Maria.  Love the teeth, girls.

   Dorothy and Toto getting ready to go trick or treating.  It was a beautiful Fall evening and such a delight walking door to door.  It seemed like each and every person was in good spirits and enjoying their part in Halloween.

   Mandy in camo "make-up"- compliments of Daddy.:D  She used an ammo box for candy collecting and people thought that was the neatest idea!

  Hope you all had the most wonderful Halloween!:D


Tristan said...

cute girls! I love dorothy!

Artfulife said...

Looks like you guys had so much fun. The girls look cute.

Michelle said...

What cute faces, even covered in paint! So glad you had fun!

Sherry said...

The girls look great! I love costumes that can be worn as something else, like jammies or something.


Beth said...

The girls look like they had fun! Love the ammo box idea. So original! Beth

Polka Dot Moon said...

Your girls are adorable!! Sounds like a fun night :)

Yarni Gras! said...

what great photos! Sounds like everyone had a blast!

~ Roxanne said...

I love the PJ idea! I will have to think about that for next year. Sydney was an Indian this year and I made her costume out of a soft material. She did ask if she could sleep in it. I guess I need to relax and let her enjoy it now. Next year she may not want to be an Indian again.

Love the GI Jane idea, fits Mandy well :0}

mommyholly said...

They look so cute!!! Glad they had a fabulous Halloween!! :) xo!!

Lindsay-ann said...

I love your girls super halloween outfits and the party sounded such fun. I feel we missed out a bit this year not being at home on Halloween. I kept thinking about all the trick or treaters knocking on our door and not getting an answer. Thankfully they didn't appear to have tricked us anyway!

Rachel Berry said...

Your girls look so cute! Great pictures too.

Robin Beck said...

The girls are so cute all dressed up...Mom and I were looking at this post together and Mom thinks Mandy looks JUST like me when I was her age. It was freaking Mom out how much alike we look!
You and I must be sisters for your daughter to look like me!
I'm glad you guys had a fun time on Halloween!