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Saturday, November 8, 2008

Stress Free Thanksgiving

   We are having a stress free Thanksgiving this year.  Doesn't that sound great??!  It will be just the four of us and Jeff has just ordered the most amazing meal (pictured above) from the Honeybaked Ham Co.  Have you ever eaten their turkey? Ham??  Sweet potato casserole???  They are absolutely to die for!  Do I dare say, better than homemade?  (I'm whispering here)  Let's just say, we can't tell the difference and we won't be spending all day in the kitchen.:D  We will still be preparing some homemade goodies to go with this spread, but there will be lots of time for board games, movies and fun, too.  Can't wait.:D  What are your big plans for Thanksgiving?  Will there be a few of you or a full house?


Robin Beck said...

I'm telling you what...That Jeff is alright!
Mom and I will be slaving away in the kitchen for a day and a half but then the guys are going fishing for two days and we are going to craft up a storm!!!!! Yippie!!!!
I JUST bought a new sewing machine-Just an hour ago!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I'm a little excited can you tell?

I usually have about 18-25 people each Thanksgiving but we will probably have less this year.
Hope you are having a great night!

Yarni Gras! said...

This year it will be just the 4 of us too! I plan to cook but I do much of it during the week before so I don't stress that much.... :-)

Beth said...

It will just be the four of us too. We have ordered a Thanksgiving meal from our local supermarket in the past - maybe we can do that again. Have fun, Beth

Elise said...

We always go to my aunt's house and it is a good crowd. Thanksgiving wouldn't be the same any other way. Hope you have a great one!!

~ Roxanne said...

Oh man, I am jealous! We will be cooking again this year. Luckily for me Jim likes to cook and is always in charge of the Turkey.

We actually have friends coming in town for the weekend!

We miss you guys :0{