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Sunday, November 23, 2008

Bad Day Package

   I got the most wonderful package this weekend while I was going crazy cleaning the house.  The timing could not have been more perfect!  This was my "Bad Day" package!  My partner in the swap was Pam, who is one fabulous lady!  You must check out her Etsy shop.  Talk about cute!  I love everything she creates and wish I had a little cutie for her onesies.  One of them has a bunny on the front and one has a pig and on the back are cute little curly tails and puff ball tails!  Here is what she sent me:
Gummy bears to share...

   My own personal stash of Rolos!

Sparkly ornaments that matched Katie's party decorations!

   A Starbuck's gift card.:)

   Three of her sweet handmade hearts from Pam's shop.  There are sweet little birds on the other side.

   Pam- Thanks so much!  I love everything and it made my bad day so much better!:)


Unknown said...

Oh what fun! Love all of your goodies! That little angel on your banner is precious.

Darlene said...

What fabulous treasures! That would definitely make a cleaning house day better!!!

Tristan said...

oh wow..I totally ate a whole movie pack of gummies while I was watching TWILIGHT!

Elise said...

Fun stuff!! I love the jars!! Rolos...used to love those when I was younger. Sure I still would!!

Robin Beck said...

I need a bad day package like that! I have been going like a mad woman! Clean, Clean, Clean-Run around getting food for Thanksgiving-Clean some more.... Blah, blah, blah! I am going to need a major vacation by the time my company leaves~ Our oldest son and his wife will be here tomorrow then Dad and Mom will come in on Tuesday... I will write you tomorrow. OH by the way...I SO KNEW Randy would be voted out before it even happened! It was the best one yet! CLASSIC is right!
Off to steam clean the hallway then dishes, then BED!
Sweet dreams wonder woman!
P.S. My chalkboard is almost done~♥

Pearl said...

Oh WOW... such terrific goodies to get in the mail... Your friend sure did a great job putting your package of treasures together!

Yarni Gras! said...

isn't that great!? A nice package to erase a yucky day! yeah for you..

Lindsay-ann said...

I was great to see your bad day package. I think we could all do with one of those from time to time. I love all the things you were sent. What a great idea for a swap.