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Friday, November 28, 2008


   I love Thanksgiving.  You can eat all you want and not feel guilty.  My kind of holiday.  Now, it's back to reality, my friends.  Jeff got up at 4:30 *AM* to go to Toys R Us today.  There was one item that was on sale (for Mandy) that we wanted and while he was there he got to meet some new friends that camped over night in the parking lot.  Is there something wrong here??  By the time he had his turn in the store the item was long gone...  They hadn't even marked what was on sale!!  Oh, and Jeff has a cold on top of all this.  He was not having a Holly Jolly Christmas.  
   As the day went on things got better.  We intentionally skipped the rest of the madness, but did run a lot of errands and treated ourselves to a trip to Starbucks.:)  Have you tried their Salted Caramel Hot Chocolate?  Oh my.  You MUST treat yourself the next chance you get.  We also tried their Cranberry Bliss Bars (pictured above).  Robin, you were right, they are heavenly!  Please share the recipe!
   Tomorrow is Mandy's Birthday Girls' Day Out!  Hair appointments are scheduled, lunch plans are made and movie tickets are purchased.  Oh, and the goody bags are packed.:)  I think I am almost as excited as Mandy....
What do you have planned for this weekend?  Shopping, crafting, resting??  


Tristan said...

Those look so good! The only starbucks that is even kinda close to me is 2 hours away!
I plan on RESTING..lol..and wrapping present!

Robin Beck said...

Everything I had planned got thrown out the window...When my 91 year old grandmother showed up at my front door~ She has a memory like no other and we have been hearing some great stories for the last two days. :) My brother and I went out in the madness yesterday and had a really good time shopping. I think after everyone leaves today sometime I might just crawl into bed and not leave for a few days! Miss you so much Lori!

Lindsay-ann said...

Oh poor Jeff getting up and going all that way for nothing and with a cold. Tim once went to Toys R Us for a telletubby toy for Jessica when she was 1 and had to wait outside in a queue. He was give a ticket so he knew he would get one so the wait wasn't too bad.
We have a quiet weekend planned. Catching up on housework and keeping warm!

Yarni Gras! said...

We love that new cocoa too. It is SUPER rich though...a little is all I can handle.
As for the madness. That is Dean's thing, not mine. I worked retail 20 years....wild horses couldn't drag me to the mall this time of year. Instead, I shop year round and do last minute things on the web!

Georgia Girl said...

Oh hope you girls had a blast....Cool we have the same birthday! Happy Bday Mandy!

Our Starbucks closed about a month ago...although I never went to it. I experienced a bad Balck morning also...but that was ok I just left anyway.