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Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Day 2-St. Elmo, CO!

Colorado- Day 2
We are on our way to Colorado Springs!
We had lunch at a darling little restaurant called The Twisted Corkscrew.
This was our view:

                       We ate outside on the patio and it was a bit chilly!

                      The girls really got along well on the trip.
          They spent *a lot* of time in the back seat together so this
                     was a good thing!

                                  I could not get over all the Aspen trees.
                                  Love them.

Everywhere you look in Colorado, a picture is just waiting to be taken.

             We drove to St. Elmo, CO, which is an old Ghost Town.

                If only the buildings could talk.  Just think of the stories 
              they could share.

                                  A few wild raspberries peeking out...

                              We felt like the town was deserted...

                             But look what we found!
                    There were dozens of very tame chipmunks-

                     and oodles of friendly hummingbirds!

                         The one gift shop was closed.:(
                  I would have loved to have purchased this shirt!

                           On the way back we stopped to test the water.

                                Yep, it was cold.:)


                              Next stop.... Royal Gorge!


Tristan said...

St. ELMO!!!! Oh my word..lol..we just have to go there,Taylor-Austyn would say elmo the whole time..haha! Awesome!!

Looks like such fun and love the picsof the girlies,so pretty!!!

Sheri said...

Awesome pics - especially the one of the family. You are like me, you don't get too many of those. Looks like an awesome trip. xo

Sherri said...

Colorado is such a beautiful state! Love, love, love it there!! Thanks for showing us such beautiful photos! Have more fun!

~The Robin's Nest~ said...

Wow, great pictures! I felt like I was there. Love that you are sharing your trip with us sis!

April said...

Hey there, Lori!
I sure have missed visiting you and your blog! I have such limited time with Chris still searching for employment. I really enjoyed all of your beautiful Colorado pictures! We've been to Vail a couple of times and I'm convinced that I could live there one day. Looks like you made lots of lasting memories!

Lindsay-ann said...

Hi Lori
I LOVED your pictures from St Elmo. The trees are gorgeous, it's so pretty. The Ghost town looks creepy - I wouldn't like to be there after dark! The chipmunk is cute and the hummingbird too. The picture of the four of you is lovely - miss you all. Can't wait to see more pics :)

M.L. @ The House of Whimsy said...

Looks like a wonderful trip. These photographs are just beautiful.
And how sweet that the girls got along so well. : )
Thanks for stopping by my place. Your new profile pic is gorgeous!!!
Mary Lou

~Jamie~ said...

Love the pictures! I've never been to CO, but I've heard it is such a lovely place. How neat on the ghost town, love the picture of the window too, very nice.

Jessica G. said...

Great pictures!
I grew up in Colorado and exploring the old towns was one of our favorite family vacations. We always had to walk through the old cemeteries. Have I mentioned that I have an odd family? :)

val said...

how wonderful! I love all the photos :-)