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Thursday, September 15, 2011

I left my heart at the Broadmoor...

Royal Gorge.
Over-priced and cheesy.
(Almost $100 for the 4 of us.)
That was WITH a discount!

             The bridge (and the actual gorge) were impressive... and a 
          bit scary!
         The kids (all 3 of them) enjoyed the carousel, but the rest 
         was a big disappointment.

               We walked over the bridge and were happy to make it to 
          the other side!

                                   I did take a few pictures- just for you.:)

        On the other side were gun fights to watch, shops, a "petting
      zoo" (with goats- wow), a jail,  "gold mining" with dirt 
     (another big wow) and one funnel cake waiting for us- YUM.

                             Did I mention the day was reaaalllllyyy hot? 

              I did like this shot.  Out of nowhere the sheriff appeared.:)

                                  Then, we arrived at the Broadmoor Hotel.
                     You will hear no more complaints from me.

          The loveliest hotel I have ever had the pleasure of enjoying.

                   These are all taken from our room.  We stayed next
             door to the penthouse suite.
             This is a view of the pool.  Luxury at it's finest.
             We enjoyed chips, salsa and guacamole while lying 
             by the pool and I was in heaven.:)

                The picture above shows the fire pit.  S'mores enjoyed 
           there every evening.

                          A little bird told them it was our 20th anniversary.
                 They surprised us with some lovely champagne.

          Every evening during the turn down service an itinerary for 
        the next day was left on the bed, along with chocolates.:)

            The hotel had it's own lovely theater with matinee and
            evening shows.
            Sad to say, we never had a change to enjoy this as there 
            were too many other things to do!

               Almost 100 years old.  Once again, I wish the walls could
          talk.  Think of the grand balls and weddings that have been 
          celebrated here....

                      I wanted to take pictures of every inch of the hotel.
                  The people made us feel like royalty.

               Each night you could hear wolves howling faintly in the
          Every morning I awoke to the bells ringing.

          Not the best picture, but I wanted you to get a glimpse of 
            one of the restaurants.
          The resort is so large that you need a map to find your way 

                  Here we are by the fire pit.  It rained for two days and 
            we nestled into the coziness of our room.  Our girls 
            served us hot chocolate and hot cider and we felt warm 
            and content.

              I read 3 books on the trip.  Saving Cee Cee Honeycutt was
         my favorite.
         If you liked The Help you need to read Cee Cee, too.  

                          A piece of my heart is still at the Broadmoor...


Tristan said...

NO WAY am I walking across that bridge..omg..toooo high!
Wow, that resort is amazing!!!!!!

amy @ Life in Pink Hi-Tops said...

The gorge sounds very scary! But the Broadmoor sounds a bit like heaven!!

Nancy said...

oh friend! i have been absent for a while. but the Broadmoor has sooo many memories for me. my husband used to be the golf course superintendent there and we had our wedding reception at the main ballroom there 14 years ago. so beautiful and yes, i have left my heart there too. :) so glad you had the chance to visit that treasure of a spot. xoxo

Lindsay-ann said...

Hi Lori
The gorge looks so scary. Did you really walk across that bridge? I am so proud of you :) I would find it terrifying and there would have to be something or someone very special at the other side to get me across. I would walk over it if you were waiting for me at the other side :)
The Broadmoor pictures are wonderful. It looks such a gorgeous place. I am so glad you had a really fantasic time to celebrate your anniversary. It looks really elegant and 'posh'! I think I want to live there :)
Have a great weekend dear sister.