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Friday, September 23, 2011

Aletheia magazine- TOS review

Searching for a wonderful creative writing, art, and photography magazine for your teen?  Look no further.  Aletheia magazine is a writing magazine for Christian teens.  It showcases amazing writing, drawings and photography by and for teens.  I was given a copy of their Fall 2011 issue and asked to review it.

              I was impressed by the quality of work in this magazine!     In each issue there are writer's challenges with pictures used as an inspiration, a book review, a featured professional artist of the month, as well as a featured (teen) contributor.  Of course, there is lots and lots of art by teens, which is what the magazine is all about.   

You can take a peek at their Spring 2011 issue here!

The picture above was drawn by a 17 year old girl.  What a talented young lady!  Her artwork was "matched" to a story written by a 15 year old girl.  I love this concept!  The magazine highlights individual talents and puts them together to make a unique masterpiece!  Teens interested in having their work published can go here to read frequently asked questions.

Please keep in mind that the magazine is written for teens so some of the subject matter is not appropriate for younger children.  Alcoholism, human trafficking and death are some of the topics covered.  The age range is 13-19 so use your own discretion as to what you feel is appropriate for your family.

Aletheia magazine is $26 dollars a year for 4 issues.  Each issue is 40 pages long with color pictures.  A wonderful gift for a budding young artist!

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*I was given a copy of the Fall 2011 issue of Aletheia magazine in exchange for my honest opinion.  I received no other compensation.*


Very Blessed Mamma said...

Hey! Stopping by from the crew.

I agree about some of the content not being appropriate for younger ages.

I am now following you.


amy @ Life in Pink Hi-Tops said...

Sounds like a wonderful magazine for teens.

Jennifer said...

They did have some very talented teens published in these magazines. My daughter enjoyed the photographs.

Jesse said...

That looks really good. I'll have to make a note of it for my daughter when she gets a bit older! We are using MFW Creation to Greeks. We are really enjoying it so far!