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Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Deeper Roots Discovering Our Amazing God- TOS Review

                My latest review is from Deeper Roots Publications- Discovering Our Amazing God.  It is a Bible curriculum geared toward 7th, 8th and 9th graders.  The book includes 9 lessons which cover learning about:
- God's Wisdom 
- God's Power
- God's Creativity
- God's Love
- God's Holiness
- God's Faithfulness
- God's Justice
- God's Mercy
     Within the chapters, less well known Bible stories are covered which help students (and teachers!) to better understand and learn more about God.  There are comprehension questions, journaling suggestions, writing assignments, Bible verse memorization, video suggestions, reviews and tests as well as other supplementation ideas.  The Bible text you are studying is also included in the teacher's guide which is very convenient.  In addition, each chapter highlights a different "Unreached People".  These are people who, more than likely, have never heard the gospel.  

      I used this with my older daughter who is in 8th grade.  We enjoyed discussing the Bible stories and how they tied in with the chapter themes.  The first chapter was Discovering God's Wisdom and the Bible story was about Esther.  One of the exercises my daughter completed was to write a story illustrating Proverbs 18:13- He who answers before listening- that it is his folly and shame.   She had no problem remembering this verse when it was test time!:)  

        Parts of the curriculum were geared toward more of a group/classroom setting such as guest speaker recommendations and group drama suggestions.  Perhaps if you have a large family or a co-op situation this would be perfect for you!  Overall, I would recommend this curriculum for junior high through high schooler students.  My daughter and I really enjoyed Discovering Our Amazing God.  It is well written with engaging activities and we look forward to completing the rest of the book together.

         Discovering Our Amazing God Teacher's Guide is $28.95 and Discovering Our Amazing God Student Workbook is $19.95.

        *Download a PDF Teacher's Guide Sample here.*

         Feel free to read other reviews from the TOS Crew here.

*I received Discovering Our Amazing God from Deeper Roots Publication free in exchange for my honest opinion.  No other compensation was received.*

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amy @ Life in Pink Hi-Tops said...

Sounds like a great curriculum. I love studying less well known Bible Stories. I think that verse in Proverbs is going to be my new favorite verse! ;)