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Sunday, September 18, 2011

Olympic Training Center

Olympic Training Center.
Great place to visit.

                                                    We toured inside and out.
                                      The shooting range...

                             Synchronized swimming team practicing...

                    It was quite impressive.  Our tour guide was a para-
             He had competed in the last Olympics and is hoping
             to be in the next.
             Very cool.

                It's amazing how beautiful the flowers are in Colorado.
                             Ours wilted quite awhile ago....

                                             Good times.:)

                               The statues were really big and impressive.
                                       Great photo opps!

                                       Love my girls....

                    It's amazing to me how some people devote so much 
             of their lives to a sport.
             Such dedication.  

            These two little babies were separated from the mother by 
        the fence.
        I prayed that they would be reunited.  It was heartbreaking!

                                         Making the most of the elevator ride!

                                The Broadmoor was lovely even in the rain...

                                     Paddle boats...

                                     Flowers everywhere...

          Those are shops in the background.  They even had a shop
      for pets!

                                         Special touches all over.

                                     See the two people behind the flags?:)

                           The mist on the mountains was breathtaking...

Tomorrow I will show you what it looked like when the sun was shining!:)


Tristan said...

somehow i had no idea that the olympic center was there..lol..it doesn't involve football i know nothing about it..haha!

thanks for the tour! and that resort looks like a dream!

Lindsay-ann said...

Hi Lori
The grounds of The Broadmoor are stunning - even in the rain. Love all the flowers and fountains. I enjoyed seeing The Olympic Training Center, it must have been so interesting to look around. The 2012 Olympics are in London - want to come? :)
Look forward to seeing more.

Eileen said...

This is a great post, but I'm sorry that some of the pictures are showing blank for me! I'm having trouble again with my computer/blog so I'll have to try coming back again, but I enjoyed seeing the Olympic Training Center and I loved the pictures of the girls posing there too!
All the best,

Sheri said...

Awesome pics - so impressed with all your pics lately - good job mamma :)

Jesse said...

The Broadmoor is so beautiful. We went on a field trip to the Olympic Training Center when I was in high school. That place is amazing!