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Monday, October 24, 2011

Say Anything Family Edition- TOS Crew review

       Looking for a great family game that everyone can play?  North Star Games has it!  Say Anything Family Edition had my family laughing until we cried!  The concept is simple:

#1- Ask a question from the card you draw.
#2- Everyone else write an answer and turns it face up.
#3- Secretly choose your favorite answer.  Then everyone tries to guess which one you picked.

   Simple enough that everyone can participate, and the answers people write down are hilarious!  We brought Say Anything Family Edition with us on our last trip to visit family and it was a hit!  We also enjoy it at home- just the four of us.

     Which celebrity would make the worst 
   What does an ostrich think about when its head is in the sand?
   What would be the strangest toy to find inside a Happy Meal?

   You will be surprised at the answers people 
   come up with!:)

   One of the most entertaining parts of the game is listening to people trying to convince the judge to choose their answer.  It is allowed and very fun!

   The game comes with all this:

   - 360 topics on 60 question cards
   - 6 dry erase boards
   - 6 dry erase pens
   - 1 SELECT-O-MATIC 6000 (for secretly 
     choosing your answer)
   - 12 player tokens
   - 1 dry erase score board
   - 1 full color rules

   You can go to the North Star Games website to find a store near you. You can also buy Say Anything Family Edition here on Amazon for the sale price of $13.85! Such a great price for a family Christmas gift!  Just add some popcorn and candy for a family game night.:)

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*I was given the Say Anything Family Edition game in exchange for my honest opinion.*


My So Called Homeschool Life said...

We received the Wits & Wagers Family game. The kids really loved it, but this looks like something I would have enjoyed more. I might end up buying it! Great review!

(Ann from the Crew)

Dominic said...

@ Ann

If I had to generalize, I'd say that women enjoy playing Say Anything more than Wits & Wagers, because it is a social game about people's opinions.

Wits & Wagers Family is practically the same game, except that the game is a knowledge based game where there are correct answers.

I like BOTH of the games. I'm not sure which one I like better... but I am biased.

Designer of Wits & Wagers
Co-Designer of Say Anything