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Friday, October 21, 2011

Wits and Wagers Family-TOS review

    I love a game that everyone in the family can play and no one feels left out.  It must be fun and engaging for each person- not too challenging for the young ones and definitely not boring for the older ones.  This is not an easy task but Wits and Wagers Family was loved by everyone in my family- and friends, too!

Wits and Wagers Family, by North Star Games, is a blast to play!  A question is asked.  For example- What is the number of Disney princesses?  Each person writes their number guess (all answers are numbers) on their dry erase card and it is placed down so everyone can see.  Once all the guesses have been made, you place your colored Meeples (2 little characters that represent you) on the guess you believe to be correct.  Once everyone has placed their Meeples, the correct answer is revealed and the points are tallied.  The first person to accumulate 15 points is the winner!

     Take a peek below at the Meeples and the way the guesses are placed on the table.  If you have two of the same guess, as we did on this question, you place them next to each other.  Our youngest players were 8 and they did a great job!  I believe you could play this game with children even younger, although you may have to assist with reading the questions. You can play individually or on teams- perfect for holiday gatherings!

    Wits and Wagers Family comes with all this:

    5 dry erase answer boards
    150 question cards
    5 dry erase pens
    5 large Meeples
    5 small Meeples
    1 dry erase score board
    1 full color set of rules

    Wits and Wagers Family game is $19.99 can be purchased on-line or at a store near you.  Prices may vary by location.  It's a really fun family game that would be great to give as a family Christmas gift!

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*I was given Wits and Wagers Family game in exchange for an honest review.*

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Lindsay-ann said...

This looks my kind of game Lori.