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Sunday, October 23, 2011

Skylander's Spyro Adventure House Party

Have you heard of House Party?
We hosted our first House Party party last night and it was simply FUN!

You sign up to host a party for a particular product and if you are lucky they choose you!
Our party was for Skylander's Spyro Adventure which is an awesome new Wii game.

   The idea is simple.  Invite friends over for a party.  House Party sends you everything you need.  You play, sample, enjoy whatever the product is.  Everyone has a good time!

   The kids LOVED this game!  We were at Target today and people were scrambling to buy the different playing pieces.  It's a hot new toy and we enjoyed it for free!:)

   The kids had a lot of fun trying out the different characters on their adventure.  When they placed the game pieces on the "portal" (shown above) it lit up!  Cool...

   It was fun to play and watch.  While the kids waited to have a turn we decorated cupcakes downstairs.  Sugar is always a good distraction.:)

   I cannot wait to host my next party!  House Party has food, stationery, video game, book parties and more!  I'm not sure if I want you to spread the word as that limits my chances of being chosen again- lol!

   My favorite part of the evening was awarding the prizes.  Yes, House Party even sent prizes!  The kids were able to choose a playing character to take home with them.  What's a party without prizes?:)

   There is a current party that they are taking applications for right now.  It's for a Zumba video game for the XBox.  I don't have an XBox.  So...  I think you should apply and invite me to your party!  I have always wanted to try Zumba.:)

   The kids had a blast as you can tell from the pictures.

   They were so cute...

   They all asked if they could get the game when their parents picked them up.:)

   It was a fun night.

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Tristan said...

i've never heard of that!!
we dont have any video games..lol.
that does look fun though!!

zumba is awesome..my body however doesnt let me enjoy it anymore..ugh..silly 60 year old body in my 25 year old body..LOL

Modest Mama said...

Looks fun! We don't have video games and maybe that is why I have never been choosen for a House Party review. I've been a member for a year now~ LOL!

Sheri said...

You are too fun my friend. Robert would have totally been into this years ago. Have a blessed week.

Lindsay-ann said...

Everyone looked to be having a great time at your House Party Lori. I am not sure if I would be any good at Zumba or Skylander but I would give them a go!

Amys Party Ideas said...

What great ideas! I just had my son's Skylanders party too! There are lots of DIY game/activity ideas as well as how to make your own portal of power cake!