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Thursday, October 6, 2011

Colorado- Day 6

Kind of left you hanging on the CO trip, didn't I?
I forgot I had one more stash of pics!

More flowers from the Broadmoor...

           View of the pool when you first enter.  It takes your breath

           My girls were the only children there.  They had the slides 
       all to themselves.:)

                     I never relax.  It's not who I am.  But, I did relax here.

                               If we go again, I am claiming on of these tents.  
                     I will only leave when the pool closes.


       The Broadmoor has quite a few lovely restaurants.  This is their
      little coffee/quick eat spots. 
      I love how someone sketched the hotel in chalk.  Charming.

            After we left the hotel, we headed for the Rocky Mountain 
        National Park.
        We had to pull over a few times as there were sights to see!

                At least 12 of them.  They were so kind to stop and let 
                the paparazzi do their thing.:)

                              Further down the road we spotted this big guy!  

                                I wanted so badly to clean off his antlers!  
                      Perhaps it's "the look" for moose.


                             Long hikes. (In my book)  With waterfalls.  You 
                   better give me something to look forward to when
                   sweating is involved.:)


                                   Sweet little baby moose.

                                   Breathtaking views.  Truly.

                                Can't wait to go back.

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Tristan said...

my brother-in-law sends us pics all the time of elk and scenery when they go hiking!

it is pretty there,is it crazy that i still would chose to go to TN.?..haha..it has my heart..although CO. mountains are beautiful too :)

that pool..oh my word, and the only kids,really?! what a blast!!!

April said...

What amazing pictures, Lori! I absolutely LOVE Colorado...been a couple of times and, like you, I want to go back! So glad y'all had such a memorable trip!

Nancy said...

I'm going to be honest... I am jealous of your vacation to the Broadmoor. You know I love that place. So special to me. The grounds are just lovely and that water slide is a blast. Both of my girls would zoom down that thing. Good times! :)

~The Robin's Nest~ said...

Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful. Noelle has the same jacket as Katie is wearing standing in front of the moose. Its so cute!

amy @ Life in Pink Hi-Tops said...

Amazing! Everything is so amazing! I thought the hotel pool was gorgeous--then I saw the moose. I so need of a vacation to CO!

Lori said...

Such a beautiful place, Lori! And I totally get what you mean about not relaxing. I am the same way. We leave for a vacation to Tennessee this Saturday. SO EXCITED! I have always wanted to go to the Smoky Mountains in the fall time : )
I just hope and pray I can relax there like you did in Colorado.


Peggy said...

looks dreamy! We just got back from a Rocky Mountain High vacation ourselves! My husband was speaking in Denver at a lectureship, but we got in Rocky Mt. National Park and Pikes Peak and Garden of the Gods! It's a beautiful place!

Lindsay-ann said...

Hi Lori
Your pictures are wonderful. The pool looks beautiful and those slides look lots of fun. I love the little tents too - perfect :) You must go back soon and spend the whole time relaxing. Can I come too? I think I would like to go to The Broadmoor one day. The picture of Katie is lovely. Glad you saw so much wildlife and got pictures too.

Allyson said...

Just beautiful!!!

Allyson said...

Just beautiful!!!

Lori said...

Next time you go (anywhere) can I go with you guys? I'll be very quiet and I'll carry all of your luggage . . . but please let me go with you guys because you guys seem to always go to the most beautiful places