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Tuesday, October 11, 2011


Family is so important.
Perfect, no.
Necessary, yes.

During the trip to my grandfather's funeral my girls met some people they had never seen before.
Time and distance had not allowed for this luxury.

They were instant friends.:)

              Amidst the tears at the funeral, this little cutie pie made 
         everyone smile.

                                       Isn't God amazing?

          Distraction was such a welcome guest.  Silliness and laughter 
        reminds us that life goes on.

                     We even snuck in a Girls' Day Out.  Just what the 
             doctor ordered!

          Family, whether by birth or by God's grace, are the ones that 
       pick us up when we feel that we cannot go on any longer.

               I am blessed to have such a loving family, and I consider 
          all of you to be a very special part of it!

                                    There were Nintendo lessons...

                 yummy french toast from Bilbo's (Baggins) restaurant...

            and Ruby came along with her velvet ears to comfort us all.

                Of course, She was always happy to collect any fallen 
          bacon, cereal, salmon, too!

               The trip was not a vacation but it was a reconnection with 
          loved ones.

                                     One of our dear ones has left us,

but I know Baca (my grandfather) will be waiting with open arms when the rest of us are called home.


Tina said...

Before my aunt passed away, so many of us would sit in the ICU waiting room and get to know each other again. There was a lot of laughter! Before and after the funeral also. Too much time had passed between visits. Even though it was a very sad time, we all had so much fun visiting with each other again!

Tristan said...


April said...

Such a beautifully written post, Lori! You are so right...FAMILY is the glue that holds everything together. Don't know where I'd be without mine!

Lori said...

Sweet post, Lori. Sorry for the loss to your family but happy that you were able to find some bright spots in that gloomy time : )

Lori Starks

michelle edwards joy said...

Beautiful. So glad you are part of my non-blood family :)

Lindsay-ann said...

Hi Lori
This is such a beautiful post. I loved seeing your Grandmother enjoying time with you all. Glad that such a sad occasion brought some happy times too. I enjoyed seeing your parents beautiful home again. It holds a special place in my heart as do all your family.

amy @ Life in Pink Hi-Tops said...

Wonderful post! What a wonderful family you have been blessed with.

Cristin said...

Perfectly said...